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Thread: Is this guy an ISFP ?

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    Default Is this guy an ISFP ?

    Mid fourties, VP, marketing, tall, deep voiced, devout morman

    soft, gentle eyes, no direct eye contact.

    nonconfrontational and tries to stick with facts but lacks the tenacity of a good SJ.

    Good at recognizing talenst of those around him and taking thier advice but will not fire very poorly performing indivduals.

    Quiet and reflective mostly, uncomfortable of conflict, seems to lack strategic long term vision typical of a super N.

    not self centered, not center of attention, seems reliable and dependable, but not in a strong STJ sort of way honestly-like its a bit of an act he has learned. Execuxtives do this thus he has learned to do this.


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    I'm getting IxFx but that's about it.... more detail...

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    It's tough. Not an N for sure, his leadership has been too short sighted.

    It's hard to get more details as he is almost hiding stuff? I know that sounds odd but he isnt open really...

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    not sure but he could be . . . perhaps you may be crushing on him a little?

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    It's possible, nothing so far rules it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revolve View Post
    not sure but he could be . . . perhaps you may be crushing on him a little?
    nah, no crush at all. Very good guy but i have to help my NTs work with him more productively

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