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Thread: Sensor Intelligence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Il Morto Che Parla View Post
    I do that already. Aftershave as well. I brush 4 times a day and use mouthwash and my hair is cut every month. Don't think has anything to do with being J though.

    I used to work at a place where everyone made a to-do list every morning and had to report back to the team their every move for the rest of the day. Everything had to be followed exactly accoridng to procedure and prescribed timng. Every detail had to be 100% correct and on time. All day, every day. I went MAD.

    THAT is the J game IMO! Not just the basic like dressing and being punctual.

    Luckily I changed jobs, now I do sales and marketing where P's can excel!

    Four times? My word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Poki_ View Post
    LOL...thats kinda like my driving. Get a ticket, slow down for a bit(thats after the initial this is friggin stupid, I know what I am doing...lets go 130MPH, fish tail around turns, etc. to show that I can). Then you slowly start going faster and faster, (In my 20s that continued until your average highway speed is around 100), then you see a cop, slam on your breaks and he gets you going 80-85(15-20 over) and you are like...holy crap that was close. And he asks "did you realize you were going 80" and you wanna say, "no my speedo was dropping so fast I didnt know what speed I was going when you clocked me". I seem to get a ticket every 1-2 years like clock work. Just enough time to be able to take defensive driving or adjudication and get if off my record every time. And no I dont get into wrecks much and the ones I was in were not from driving fast and nothing more then minor fender bent the fender so much it almost got ripped off, but hat wasnt my fault, I had a green light, I was only going 5 over and the guy turned right out in front of me. Almost took out the little girl in the back seat, but I whipped my wheel quick enough to clip there car and bend my fender at a 90 degree angle. was only going 40 that time. I am not stupid and dont go through intersections at retarded speeds.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    Four times? My word.
    meh, sometimes. at least twice, often three, sometimes four.

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    Definitely 2 and 3 for me, even though I'm kind of a laughing stock for 2 being an ESTP, people sometimes see me as trouble because the SP attention span tends to mean I'm more likely to be interested in using things I remember to bounce ideas off of stuff or try to get people to pull their strengths together rather than conform or stick with the tried and true

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