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Thread: Inspiration

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    Adrenaline and certain music. And combine the two, and it really gets me to tackle things I otherwise couldn'tt.

    Things that get adrenaline up: Skiing, Mountain Biking, Jetskis, ATV's/Dirt Bikes, Explosives, Heavy Machinery, Racing.

    Music: Anything really heavy and fast.
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    Probably everyone's seen this, and it's a bit cheezy, but I like it, it's kinda a little inspirational:
    YouTube - Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen! (ORIGINAL VERSION)

    And this movie is one of my favourites, made me cry...not just like a quiet cry, but like sniffing and gulping cry haha (which means that it's really good, cos that doesn't happen to me)
    YouTube - Blood Diamond Soundtrack
    I like the soundtrack too.

    And this book made me interested in books in general. I've read it like 7 times :

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    YouTube - Flamenco Guitar by Jason McGuire "El Rubio"

    I've been plotting to kidnap Jason McGuire for some time, and turn him into my slave, so he would just play for me

    Oh, and this is the best action movie ever, it's inspiring too:
    The song is great too, gets me going.

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    I admire your approach (the post) and admire it even more you are an isfp.
    I can relate.

    This morning, a book about the analysis of cultural anthropology inspired me. I took it from the library because I could use it for school. I just liked what the writer had written in it, read a few pages.. Can't remember his name right now.

    I also feel inspired by myself today. I feel like I'm really in my element. Feels nice. (don't want to make it sound narcissistic)
    I could also feel nice because I'm still in my pyjamas and it's already almost evening

    Another thing that has inspired me...errm... I just like food =) I'm not a fatty though. I like sports too. Don't isfp's generally like food? hmmmm (rumble rumble)

    I usually get more inspired when I'm outside and when I'm observing or busy with the arts... Music and people also often inspire me... I like written words... (sometimes)

    By the way, that sunscreen song IS really nice

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    i'm easily inspired.

    music, warm winds, nice scenery, having time off from work to do whatever I want, feeling loved, being around good people, fine wines and nice dinners, elderly people, the list goes on.

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