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Thread: Interesting thing this

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    I don't think there's a lot of dislike of SJ's though, it's just misunderstanding. I do it in the opposite way too - if someone/something is too well liked, I tend to dislike it.
    Yes, I really agree with you.

    And I do that too, I think it's kind of embarrassing in a way. You saw on another thread that they talked about the conformity vs. rebellion dichotomy, and maybe it's true that I'm more aware of it (or maybe not). In spite of all that, I get annoyed when people appear to be rebelling just for the heck of it. Which almost makes me look like...a hypocrite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bella View Post
    The more I come across the dislike of SJ's in this forum, the more I'm starting to like myself. It's the oddest phenomenon.
    I agree!
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