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Thread: ESFJ stereotypes... what are they?

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    I think they eventually move their bed into the kitchen so they can cook throughout the night

    I also heard they take care of people other than themselves but it's really a form of soft control
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_X View Post
    i think they rock.

    i can have some major fe/fi clashes with them but overall i think they're highly impressive. just very together and take charge people. i admire their initiative.
    and their funny ne shit makes me happy and they always seem a lil bit crazy which i love.
    my husband is an ESFJ and this is exactly how I feel. He has this way of just making things happen, like some uncanny ability to make the stars align for him. he also cares about the well being of all people in general. he would help anyone we pass by that looked even the slightest bit lost or in need of anything at all.

    the first couple of years that we were together, we had a lot of the fe/fi clashes and I didn't know anything about personality type yet, so we had some pretty hilarious(some not so...) moments

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    My mother and one of my ex boyfriends are ESFJ. They are certainly the two most caring, altruistic, thoughtful, realistic and... organized people I've ever known. I get along well with them, as long as I keep my "crazy" and "dreamy" away from them. They are kind-hearted, sincere, forthright, expressive, consistent and giving.
    The times we clash would be when I feel like they micro-manage me, try to set me straight and demand logical explanation and rational courses of actions from me, more often than I'd like to be.
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    I can only think of a few stereotypes;
    - traditional people who do their duties for the sake of tradition and don't question authority.
    - follow the crowd
    - intolerant to change
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