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Thread: Can these personality traits be of an ESFJ?

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    Default Can these personality traits be of an ESFJ?

    I had an argument last night with an ESFJ girl, who thought that the following characteristics can indicate an ESFJ person - there are my characteristics to be exact. What do you think?
    1) I love debate and generally arguing with a person, even though I may not believe what I say.
    2) I mock others openly in order to see how they will react. It usually doesn't end very well.
    3) I don't particularly like emotions and feelings and I try to stay as emotionally detached as I can.
    4) I love attention. When I was a child I loved winning the attention of a girl that I liked. I preferred the attention rather than the affection.
    5) When a person is crying I usually don't offer my support. I prefer to learn the problem and head for its solution, as I find it very effective.
    6) I consider myself ambitious. I prefer personal success and leaving behind a legacy, rather than having a normal life with friends and family.
    7) When I was a child I used to cry when I was stressed but now I have stopped doing that.
    8) When I have a problem I sit alone in my room and analyze it for hours 'til I have reached to a point wherein cannot analyze it further.
    9) Sometimes I may do things only because I have to do them, nothing logical on them (that's what got me thinking about my type).
    10) I crave the respect of my fellow men as I find it more important than love.
    11) I have many friends who describe as witty, intellectual, eccentric, slightly arrogant and egocentric.
    12) I like reading a book, philosophical, scientific, social or literature and loathe discussions about relationships and love.

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    What is this about? 1 is no, 2 is maybe, 3 no likely, 4 is almost but not quite, 5 is possible, 6 is possible, 7 is not type related, 8 is pretty broad, 9 is possible, 10 is probably not type related, 11 could fit just about anyone, 12 is not likely.
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    My friend was trolling me (or she thought she was) and she didn't think my arguments were true. So I posted those traits here in order for her to see them and acknowledge the fact that I was right.

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