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Thread: Are most religious people SJs? Is God even an SJ?

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    Default Are most religious people SJs? Is God even an SJ?

    God the Idiot

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    I really like cats and food.

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    Ok, one: I am an SJ, and I am an atheist (a humanist with Taoist leanings, but an atheists all the same)

    Two: God is an NTJ, no doubt
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    God is undefinable, and the dude in the video is an idiot.

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    Not type-related. Nurture over nature.

    (Didn't watch the video.)
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    ISTJ here. I'm an agnostic secular humanist.

    Furthermore, if we're typing God, which religious text are we typing him from? Old Testament (also, which book)? New Testament? The Quran? The Avestas? The Ramayana?

    Granted, I also didn't bother to watch the video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poimandres View Post
    God the Idiot
    This video is so full of ridiculousness lol. I have to point out how stupid this is. I realize this may not have been your reason for posting but I just see so much wrong with his thinking here. So this is not directed at you( unless you are him)

    1st he criticizes religion for transmitting the message in an identical way to "every other religion on the planet". Then suggest that god transmits his message they same way all over the planet. The only difference from what he suggest is that he appears more frequently. If we are looking at the christian faith that would mean that there would be a virgin birth every 500 years or when ever the civilizations population reaches a certain point. If the earth is over 4 billion years old virgin births would become a rare medical mystery. People would do what they do and at some point may still chose not to believe. Jesus would have to die and defy death multiple times again prob a medical mystery for those who chose not to believe. If it was based on population markers every time birth rates rose or immigration rates rose Vergin birth defy death. It would happen at different times and people would rationalize it. Even if we don't talk about the Christian faith. Lets go by his example Purple eyes telling every one to wash their hands. People may still branch off into different religions. I mean if you think about it the major religions have the same message more or less. Follow the rules now and be rewarded later in the after life next life w.e. Again pretty much the same thing.

    So in this system( population) China's god would visited more frequently than the U.s God. People would still draw their own conclusions about the reason for different appearances in different cultures at different times.some cultures may never reach the right population marker to see god at all then what?Oh and what about the fact that some cultures came to exists at different points in time(If he came every 500 years)? China's god would be older than the U.s god ect. What is a civilization didn't exist for the full 500 years? Again some civilizations wold have never ave seen god. When civilizations die every person that was involved doesn't just vanish form the face of the earth .You would STILL have a group of people that never got to see god anywhere in their native culture and won't unless they are alive long enough or their current civilization exists long enough to qualify for a sighting. If they chose to believe they will have to believe out of pure faith and past stories of sightings. Humm sound familiar?

    people all over the world in different cultures would study the sightings that occur in various points in time and develop DIFFRENT religions around them. We end up in the SAME place we are in right now. You will have those that believe in one cultures religious sighting or the other.(People move and immigrate and keep their religious belief or sighting schedule) There will of course be those that think every sighting is a hallucination because their culture has never seen it or because there are all different times of sightings. Even if the god gives the same message "wash your hands" Religious practices will develop around the sighting time which will all be different. Since the sighting times would vary they may even come up with their own conclusions of why he only shows up when a society is thieving if based on population. Larger countries can say hey he come to us more often. We are better than smaller counties. To please god we must expand our country or culture or w.e . In the process we must spread our faith and it's the crusades and manifest destiny all over again. If it was every 500 years the sighing time would still be different because again certain cultures exist at certain times. The oldest cultures would say hey in order to to last longer we have to be as large as possible or w.e....Crusades Manifest destiny all over again. What about the poor short live countries with low populations they will say well god never came to see us so he's stupid and must not exist. He is also not a very loving god because he only cares about huge civilizations and doesn't appear to the ones who nee him most.

    TLDR: His "solution" will most likely yield the same freaking result and is so painfully obvious.
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    Are most religious people SJs?
    It's a common stereotype, but I don't see it holding up very well in reality. I think different kinds of religious expression end up drawing different types, and you'll see "pockets" of types in certain religions, but it certainly isn't enough of a pattern to be able to correlate SJ and religious with any significant accuracy.

    Also, guy in the video clearly thinks he's funny, but it's pretty boring watching him laugh at how brilliant he thinks he is.

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    NF (!)
    SJs just believe what society does. I think they are society because they're so common.

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    I'm bored with this subject. I'll give two bits. First, I'll say I'm religious. Second, I think I'm reasonable, understanding, moderate and wise. I think the ideas of "religion" on the internet has been totally ruined so I'm not much interested of any more chatter on this topic.

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