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Thread: Can INTP with high Si look ISTJ?

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    I don't think there's too much common in INTP and ISTJ types.

    INTP is more likely to be too interested in the details than ISTJ. Sounds weird? I think ISTJs are actually more interested in the mere outcome that events leading to it. Us ISTJs are often pragmatics, who prefer to apply tools that are known to work.

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    Jerry Seinfeld strikes me as an INTP with high Si. He has that easy-going P aspect, but is a neat-freak and always judges girlfriends for detailed, sensory info like the "man-hands". He makes a lot of detailed observations about the concrete world, but sees what is illogical about it. He just really seems like a Ti-Si looper kinda guy.

    INTPs that I've known tend to have little connection to the concrete world, but what is there is extremely Si. They have a strongly internalized sense of how to interact with their world and are highly sensitive to certain sensory details. I also noticed this at INTPc in the past from quite a few there.
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