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Thread: male ISFJs in executive roles

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    Did you actually have a question you needed help with or did you come into the SJ guardhouse just to bitch about ISFJs?...

    Do ISFJs lie sometimes?
    Yes, but I can't imagine them doing it compulsively at work like you describe. That is impractical.

    Do ISFJs make good managers of companies?
    I think some could depending on the nature of the company. It wouldn't be my job of choice though unless I owned the company.

    Should you blow the whistle?
    Yes. I think management needs to hear from you, or else they could explain to you what's going on.

    I'll also throw in that other types know how to follow employment regulations besides SJs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orobas View Post
    Is this a default ISFJ stance? That if someone says they cant do something that they are making excuses
    My sis is not male or executive, but she is ISFJ and she's definitely got a good grip on reality, on what is or isn't possible. She gets really annoyed by the kind of behavior you describe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    My sis is not male or executive, but she is ISFJ and she's definitely got a good grip on reality, on what is or isn't possible. She gets really annoyed by the kind of behavior you describe.
    Me three. I'm still wondering how in the hell these clownish-yes-men got into their positions in the first place (Unless of course it was purely by being an excellent kissass. I will admit that I can be a *very* good kissass when I need to be)
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    Not here to bitch. Actually seeking an inside understanding of what might be ticking inside of these guys to explain the external behaviors they are exhibiting. This was why Tinkers original post was so valuable. Every type has it's darker aspects and under negative stress will show those aspects. The value in understanding the inner perspective of the person is that it 1) nuetralizes value judgments or misperceptions on my part 2) allows development of a plan to meet the needs of the people exhibiting the negative behavior, and 3) allows a better understanding of the motive and desires of the person under question. Since I am not an ISFJ, I can map trends of external behaviors but never understand the motives that give rise to those behaviors.

    I cant do anything about these guys, nor is it my place to do so. But as work with other ISFJs in the future, by understanindg their stress points, I can modify my approach accordingly. Thus this is mostly
    just exploration and observation and understanding of why things have gone so downhill in each of their cases.

    How'd they get here? Directors at a bigger company promoted to executives at a smaller company. They look good on paper-and are superb ass kissers, hehehehe. They present a VERY polished appearance. Anf they are not THE problem, but more a symptom of a broken system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orobas View Post
    They tend to really be good hearted and display very good business accumen and I suspect could do a reasonably good job-but in a high stress, screwed up company like mine, the ISFJs are one of the first types to buckle and start exhibiting some of the traits discussed in the OP.
    You are describing my boss

    I work in a family owned business and he is the youngest son. Nice guy, works hard, and is generally a good citizen but he is quick to assign blame (never himself, of course).

    Wondering if the perceived dishonesty is due to Si-dom. I have been married to an ISFJ for 27 yrs. It is remarkable how he can forget (or outright deny) facts that contradict his safe, static worldview. I can imagine that this would be a BIG problem in a job with a rapid pace of change.

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