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Thread: Wanting to get Closer to an ISTJ friend

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    Why are emotions such a difficult area for ISTJ's? Why about them makes them harmful to express? And why does it sometimes seem as if other people's emotions are not useful to their framework of discussion? In what instances have you been able to allow yourself to be empathic instead of cut off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcubchgo View Post
    Why are emotions such a difficult area for ISTJ's?
    Is there a type that doesn't have problems with emotions?

    But I think you are referring to our habit of not expressing our emotions too eagerly. I think it just relates to our view of emotions' role. They are not that important to us, as they are to NF, for an example. We often define our surroundings by factual knowledge, rather than by defining it by emotional bonds. I like my bike because it wasn't too expensive, it's an easy way to get around and keeps me in shape. These are all very practical reasons to like my bike. Meanwhile, some other type might like other aspects of the bike (such as how it reflects their green values, or allows them to have more personal freedom). These more sentimental values are easily seen as more emotional as our reasons, and thus those people are considered to be more emotional... or more emotionally capable.

    So I guess it's just that we haven't been exposed to feelings as much as other types, and that they don't play that important role in our lives as they do for others.

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