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Thread: ISTP vs ISTJ realtionship

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    Why is it "versus?" Are they fighting?

    When friends, I think they can humor each other. Usually doesn't turn into much more than joke-buddies with my ISTP friends, but I think they're cool.
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    I know 1 Confirmed ISTP one I'm estimating, and both are okay with me. They are a lot more laid back, but sometimes they can resemble an ISTJ's attitude.

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    Oh, I did that just for fun. ISTPs can tend to annoy me when they don't pay attention to the responsibilities around them. I can make ISTP friends easily, and when we're just having fun together, we can get along really well.

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    Of the two ISTJ's I know well:

    My brother is ISTJ (I'm quite sure he used to be INFP as a kid though). I get along with him extremely well (you could probably count the number of quarrels we've had on one hand), the only real point of difference would probably be that he doesn't share my sporty/athletic/adventuresome qualities.

    A close family friend is also ISTJ - fits the stereotype very well (a lot closer than my brother) - former auditor, very hard working, extremely organised, very strict and conservative with money (it has allowed him to retire at 50) and has an offbeat sense of humour that me and my brother's really appreciate. He does come across as very controlling over his wife (ESFJ) which I'm not a fan of, and needs to let loose and have a good time more often, but other than that I have a lot of respect for what he has achieved in life considering where he came from, and also the great deal of help he has given our family through a difficult patch.

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