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Thread: Do your friends tend to be E's or I's?

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    I'd say 50/50.
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    Most of my friends are Es. At first one ESFJ wouldn't let me get a word in, but I've learned to adapt.

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    Two of my good friends are borderline E/I -- solidly ambiverted. The other handful of friends are introverts.
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    This is tricky for me because I have such a wide friend circle. I suppose the ones I've been spending the most time with recently are extroverts. That would be my boyfriend (ENTP) and my roommate (ENFJ), and her boyfriend (ESTJ). But, overall I would say my friends are predominantly either introverted, or very low on the extrovert end of the spectrum. My best friend who I've been close to for 8+ years is an introvert, so are two of my other lasting friends from high school. I would say overall it's probably like 70/30 introverts/extroverts. But in those friend groups I am kind of the "token extrovert". Roommate, boyfriend, and roommate's boyfriend (who is also boyfriend's roommate) are the obvious exception to this.
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    All of my close friends are I's. To be honest, I don't know many people, so I have very little to judge off of. I have an ENFP friend who is amazing, but very loud and a bit obtrusive at times. It's overwhelming, and I tend to clam up. When I'm with my introverted buddies, I'm able to be more open and expressive--it's easier to talk, and much less draining. I don't discriminate based on anyone's type, but I most definitely flock towards introverts.
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