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    Default ISTJ nitpicking.

    First of all, not to insult the ISTJs - The positive aspects of your type certainly outweigh the negatives. I love your loyalty, reliability, stability and wonderful ability to solve the most irritating of practical problems.

    But here's the deal. While my father is all of the above, a combination of my INTJ failure to communicate and his ISTJ fastidious OCD like preoccupation with the minute is beyond irritating, well meaning though it may be.

    And I mean trivial... Something as small as making a cup of coffee needs correcting here. I'm a perfectionist myself, but seriously. Must be the Si.

    Any advice on how to stop an ISTJ in the habit of constantly critiquing every triviality in sight? What makes them happy enough to let something go without giving in to their nagging or fighting them off?

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    Interrogate them and make them explain and justify why it is so important.

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    ^ LOL.... crafty and witty, but you'll be met with a confused look imo. "Neccessity" is only obvious to the ISTJ in many situations, and they often take it for granted that others don't perceive it the same way.

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    Well since you are comparative partners and seem very much the same, the way you go about working or dealing with each other may often meet with criticism since you both look at solving problems differently. Maybe you and your father can compromise on certain things or at least agree to disagree. Hope you find a way to help improve the situation.
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    I'm not sure if this is an ISTJ thing... it sounds kind of Monkish to me- that is, he has a more severe case of OCD than the average ISTJ?

    He could also be stressed out about something which makes him more rigid and attentive to small details that are irrelevant. The stress/worry reduces our sense of rationality.
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