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Thread: ISTJs: Is love worth the trouble?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishingdude View Post
    Well, it's been 2 1/2 years since I created this post and asked the question. I'm 29 now and my life has changed quite a bit since then. I was actually able to stick to my life plan exactly as I described in that first post. I even got married, believe it or not, to the first girl I had the guts to ask out on a date.

    I wish I could say that the replies to my post had something to do with it, but in reality, I just needed to be patient and let life happen. It all worked out, and love has transformed me into a better person. Experience was the solution.

    To any lonely, single, virgin ISTJ's out there in the same situation that I was, be patient. Get your ducks in a row if you need to, and don't get discouraged. Love isn't trouble, it's a process. Sure there's uncontrollable hormones and foolishness, but there's also potential for a deep and rewarding friendship and the luxury of completely being yourself without fear of rejection.

    To my clueless and ignorant past self: YES! Love is most definitely worth the trouble!

    What a silly question...
    I really envy you

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    Now that is an awesome end to that chapter.

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    ^ Holy shit, from the OP situation to marriage? God damn. You ISTJs waste no time.

    Now I see why my (now) ISTJ boyfriend wanted a straight answer about whether I wanted to be with him. You guys are very "no ifs ands or buts."
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