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Thread: I don't know why I'm feeling sad,

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    These moods dont happen to me. Rarely, I feel ambivalent, but this feeling can always be tied to a specific circumstance or occurrence.

    I'm a member of a big INTX family, and it happens a lot with them. A good portion of the time, I am talking a family member out of one of these moods.

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    This happens to me sometimes. I can't recognize even heavy emotional issues right away. So, I walk around carrying those feelings until I pinpoint it's cause. Then I deal with it and it goes away.

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    I find the source of a feeling can always be found. I suppose it's all in whether or not you deem the solution important, if it has a solution you have any control over enacting.
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    I frequently get the feeling that I'm like a pot of soup on the stove that's only being stirred at the top, and the bottom is burning and ruining both the soup and the pot.

    I guess that's a combination of boredom and feeling disconnected from other people. Sometimes it's in response to a certain event, usually it's just a feeling that builds up over time.

    Usually I feel better after plenty of alone time to assess my situation, but that's the only way. Going to other people usually makes it worse unless they're willing to discuss the situation with me rationally.

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    I rarely get this feeling. I think you should do more physical activity, becuase I know I always feel good after I've been excercising.

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    Yeah. It happens a lot.

    For me, it seems like it is just "stuck" that way no matter what techniques are used. No matter how I change my breathing, or what I meditate on, or try to distract myself with.

    Though, there does seem to be a very narrow set of activities that help temporarily.

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    I rarely get upset and not know why. I guess its because I am always checking with myself periodically: Am I ok? If not what is the problem? What can I do to make myself feel better?

    I guess people who get upset and don't know why probably don't examine their emotional state often enough to keep up with the "why" but theres nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn't get to the point that you are neglecting yourself..

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    I think some people feel bad because of a conditional process, like the dog of Pavlov that while hearing the bell was producing saliva, so what we have to do is to understand that all people feel bad sometimes even if they say they dont, they are lying, imagine that! Due to the fact that the experience that you had and the pain that you felt became one thing in the first primary stadium. The second stadium is it comes back when ever you feel one of the 2 (emotional or physical), and then imagine that people are so complex that they even find relation between other stimuli (words situations .) . There is more to it the this theory but this is something that everyone should know. Fighting the pain can become an obsession so try resolving by not doing it again and not thinking about it again because that doesn't help, you are most likely to get psychosomatick problems. As to me I feel like this only when I know I have to do something/accomplish something.

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    someone in need of a hug?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    someone in need of a hug?

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