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Thread: What do NTs say/think about passion and compassion?

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    To answer an old post:

    Quote Originally Posted by IEE623 View Post
    do NTs usually hold sarcastic points of view when see/hear people preaching compassion?
    Yes, particularly if preaching is all they are doing about it.
    Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it. We should remove the carrot and walk forward with our eyes open. -- Raistlin Majere

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    Passion is essential.

    Compassion less so.
    Compassion is definitely necessary so that this world can be bettered. I don't think that I have enough compassion except for certain people in certain situations. I recognize that this world needs caring, compassionate people who will bend over backwards to help others. The world would be a much darker place without these door mats for everyone to step on.

    Passion is important because a person can have ideas and wants to accomplish things but passion brings it to another level and pushes a person to really pursue and really try to accomplish something.

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    They're both necessary ingredients to humanity. To what level will vary per individual, per situation. Too much of either or both, disregards the necessity of rational thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    What's living without passion?

    What's humanity without compassion?

    Both are essential.

    +1, however, what the passion is directed towards, matter greatly. As with compassion.

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    Pinning down what their truest definitions are is a life's work. I say yes to that mission.
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    I believe in taking extreme measures to accomplish our designs, although for the greatest monuments to be constructed from them, we need to direct them towards noble causes. Love then of course would be an excellent navigator for outlining those ends.

    As for my thoughts on the essence of love, here's some of my ideas (Love could be...):
    an emotional bond of attraction
    a shared personal understanding
    what's valued for the self and/or others
    the limitless sharing of happiness
    hopes for higher wishes
    staying true to promises
    having noble intentions
    self-sacrificing for the wellbeing of others
    a force with redeeming power

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