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    Tearing apart my apartment looking for my cell phone while talking on my cell phone.

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    Partner and I have gone to the mall a few times recently. A few times I've started talking to strangers in shops, thinking it's him, even though the strangers look nothing like him (different clothes, age and gender). much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    I love you intuitives! I wish I knew more in person I only know one INFP I wish I had xray vision or something so I could see what goes on inside your brains half the time

    Even an S can have their moments! For example while I was working out in Oklahoma at a site I somehow misplaced my jump drive...the last day I was there I couldn't find it anywhere and even told my lead that he stole it lol. So about 4 days later I did laundry and i'm picking up my clothes out of the washer and I see this little black square lookin thing...I put my jump drive through the washer! But good news it still works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebell View Post
    Partner and I have gone to the mall a few times recently. A few times I've started talking to strangers in shops, thinking it's him, even though the strangers look nothing like him (different clothes, age and gender).
    ROFL - different genders even? Awesome. I have mistakenly started talking to some random thinking it was the boyfriend, but always the right gender, LOL!

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    I lose my keys and cellphone few times per day. I even lose money for god's sake.

    But I'm wondering about the hunger/eating thing. I always become hunger/full way too fast. There are days when I eat 5-6 meals. I eat few bites, become full really fast. When I'm hungry, it's hard to control. Is that due to my weak S?

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    Grabbing a heating torch on the hot metal parts as soon as people get done using it, while knowing and watching them use it prior to doing said task.
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    Just took a shower without noticing that I'd left my hat on the whole time.


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    All this time seeing this thread; I didn't realize the term "Sensotard" was to describe N types blunders in the physical world; explaining what I go through in some form everyday. I for some reason had thought it was N's calling S's retards or something; even as I had glossed over a few posts.

    And for IN-P's, Se is "Trickster" (deceiving/comedic), so we must have it the worst.

    I have many of the same experiences, like looking for something that I'm already holding. Just yesterday, jumped into a cab, aiming to take out money to pay on the other end, but then realize half way that I had lost my card recently (from using one of those old fashioned ATM's at WaMu, that suck the whole card in and give it back to you at the end; instead of just swiping it). So had had to bring me back to where I got on, and then I was much later than if I hadn't tried to take a cab.
    This kind of stuff gets incredibly fustrating at time.
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    When i was about 14-15 years old, I was cooking some pasta with my sister. After having boiled the pasta in a pot to soften it, I then had to use a strainer to strain it.

    So I grabbed the strainer, and poured the boiling water with the pasta in it through the strainer.

    Then suddenly my ISTJ sister screamed "OMG! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?".

    I was very confused, and it took me a few sconds to realise that I hadn't gone to the sink. I was pouring the boiling hot water all over the gas stove and it was going everywhere.

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    Default Sensotard moments

    My worst sensotard moment of 2008: Got up to pee in the middle of the night. Miraculously remembered to turn on the bathroom light, but didn't look where I was sitting and missed the toilet seat completely. I fell, hitting my head and shoulder on the bathtub. Hitting my head is never a problem--it's hard as a rock--but the force of the blow to my shoulder shattered it and I spent the next week in the hospital having to explain to drs, nurses and Social Services that no, I wasn't being abused by anyone; I was just a natural klutz. Then there were all the questions about whether I could "safely" live at home. Of course I'm not "safe"; I'm an N--with my thoughts always other than on the task at hand--and clumsy to boot, but I couldn't say that without risking getting incarcerated in a nursing home (fate worse than death in my mind).
    It's a blessing...and a curse.

    Originally Posted by Anja
    I don't have room for shame in my life.

    INFJ, 4w5 sx

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