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    me thinking glass in my foot was a blister until noticing that theirs blood on my foot and should invistigate closer. it didn't hurt just made my foot feel like it had a bump on it.
    *yodelling* AAAaaaaAAaaiiiiiiayyyyyyyy

    by @agentwashington

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    Well, there are many, but a few days ago I drove to the store, parked my car, locked it, and ran into the store (congratulating myself at that point for not sensotarding any of the above up). When I was done shopping and came out of the store, I walked briskly back to my car, feeling pretty good about myself for efficiency. I walked up to my car, pressed the unlock button a few times. Pulled on the locked door handle and thought, "WHAT? I *just* opened this!" So I hit the unlock button several more times (quadruple-checking that it was indeed the right button I was hitting this time). Grabbed the handle confidently and pulled. Nothing. At this point I was thoroughly enraged "WHY do I always have to end up with problems with this car--WHY is the damn keypaid broken already!!" So I then took the key, looking around carefully for any bystanders thinking I might be trying to steal a car (thoroughly convinced that I'd be setting the alarm off any minute because the unlock didn't engage). The key didn't fit. Now completely baffled, I was like, WHAT in God's name is going on here? So I started "logically" deducing--1. I drove here with these keys, so I know they work for the ignition and they are obviously the right car keys and 2. If they work for the ignition and I don't have any separate keys for the doors, these *should* work on the doors! I'm not sure why, but suddenly I slipped out of sensotardation and it occurred to me that maybe I should look carefully *inside* the car. It was then I realized it was not my car. Mine was about 20 feet away.

    In my defense, they were very similar on the outside (silver 2005 or later Jeep Grand Cherokee)

    I also must say that before panic alarms I was always in BIG trouble leaving malls--I even spent over an hour once trying to find my friggen car!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pippi View Post
    I tell people the wrong age all the time, unless I stop and do the math I have no idea how old I am. Don't ask me to remember anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays.
    Ha I'll second that--it's even worse when you're telling someone new who asks and someone you know well is next to you and catches you...

    NEW PERSON: I'm 28, you?
    ME: 25 (not even pausing, like it's the most natural, perfect answer)
    A FRIEND OF MINE: WHAT? Last time I checked you were 24, weren't you?

    And in a room full of S's, this quickly becomes New Person looking worriedly, deeply convinced that this new person they have met has just let out a RED flag of mental illness, though little do they know I'm just a Class-A Sensotard, which is not yet part of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebell View Post
    I'll nominate my INTP partner. Yesterday he went straight through a red light (thank god there were no other cars or police around) because he didn't see the traffic lights at all, red or otherwise.
    Yea... it's also been more than once that I started driving at a red light once the light for the other lane (turning lane) turned green. That has caused pretty near wrecks too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwesomeCakes View Post
    I'm sure I'm not the only one that did this today...but, I totally spaced on daylight savings time and I went into work an hour early. I was fuckin' pissed!

    Oh, and on the way there I ran a red light because I was looking at the green light on the opposite side of the road. This would not be the first time.
    Ha AwesomeCakes--I'm glad I'm not the only one--I just posted the same thing!

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    Fully and naturally, like nothing was wrong, handed the cashier 5.27 cents today. He asked or 27.50. XD
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    I'm not about to read this whole thread so if this has already been posted and you're going to get your panties in a knot, fuck you. and if not, then I hope you have no underwear stuffed in your crack

    Anyone else more often then not push the floor in the elevator of the floor they're already on and then stands their for a few seconds before realizing why the elevator hasn't move
    *yodelling* AAAaaaaAAaaiiiiiiayyyyyyyy

    by @agentwashington

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post

    Anyone else more often then not push the floor in the elevator of the floor they're already on and then stands their for a few seconds before realizing why the elevator hasn't move
    I just did that the other day! Except it must have been a full two minutes of me standing in the elevator by myself, thinking about God knows what and subconsciously humming a song I had just listened to...I finally thought to myself, "wow, this elevator is really slow," and realized I hadn't moved at all!

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    My driving instructor wanted to test whether I was checking in my rearview mirror. So she covered it up and asked what color the car following me was. I had been checking my rearview mirror, but I never notice what color anything is unless there's some good forseeable reason to remember it. All I knew was that a car was behind me. 'Course, I couldn't really explain this to her.

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    Honestly, I attribute a lot of my "sensortard moments" with myself being pre-occupied with my current mental fixation that reality takes second priority, sort of like watching TV when you're working on something else. Whenever something pops up that requires attention, it takes a second to snap back to reality because you have to process the five second or so cache of mental information that continually filters through your memory.

    I walked in to a Chinese restuarant to pick up my food. The clerk at the bar told me "That'll be $10.72". While I had the card in hand, I had just finished a workout about 4 minutes before and was still a bit disoriented, so I just sort of stood there. She had to say it again before I handed her the card.

    Another example- one time I stuck a pencil up a jacket I was using and later spent three minutes trying to find the pencil. I've also tried to find something I was actually holding. I can also relate to walking up to the wrong car and pressing the unlock button repeatedly, but it only happens with look-a-like cars.
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