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    Quote Originally Posted by 01011010 View Post
    You win.
    I... don't think this is a good thing...
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Yesterday in the car, my mom was telling me about the other day when she went to the bathroom at her house after I had used it. The metal thingy that holds the toilet paper is broken, so the paper was sitting on the ledge of the bathtub, but when I was done I put the roll on the back of the toilet. It went something like this:

    Jeffster's Mommy: I was mad at you for a bit because I couldn't find the toilet paper, I reached to both my left and right and it wasn't either place. And my arms aren't long enough to reach from there to under the sink where there was more, so I searched for a long time and finally found you had put it on the back of the toilet.

    Jeffster: You weren't looking when you came in?

    Mommy: No, I didn't look for it until I needed it, I assumed it would be one of the places I always leave it. I had to reach around trying to find it.

    Jeffster: Oh, you were in the dark?

    Mommy: I don't remember if I had the light on or not, but that's not the point.

    Jeffster: Wait, how can you not remember if the light was on or not?

    Mommy: It doesn't matter! I don't remember every detail of it I just remember I had to feel around for it.

    Jeffster: See, when I enter a room I just naturally scan the room, it would have to be dark for me to not see the paper on the back of the toilet.

    Mommy: Yeah, I don't do that. I just put it one of two places so I always know where it is.


    Ladies and gentlemen, this has been Intuitive Mother/Sensor Son Theater.
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    I was cataloguing a book in 8 parts today. I started to get annoyed with the publisher because it wasn't obvious which part was which. Finally I saw way over in the corner in tiny lettering "No. 1, No. 2," etc.

    Then I noticed on the covers of some of the later ones a square with large lettering "No. 6, No. 7, No. 8," etc. I thought to myself "they must have improved the design as they went along." A few minutes later I went back and saw they all had the square with large lettering - "No. 1, No. 2, No. 3." Doh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
    I always do that, thank Christ I was born in a round year so all I really have to remember is what year it currently is otherwise I wouldn’t stand a chance of ever getting it right.
    What's a round year?

    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    I... don't think this is a good thing...
    lol Perception is the crux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01011010 View Post
    What's a round year?
    1970, 1980, 1990 etc

    I seriously can't figure out my age when someone asks me without having to remember what the current year is, ie 2008 = 28

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDK123 View Post
    No it was flat as a pancake...
    AKA: Choss

    It's not theoretically possible

    Interesting novel thoughts proliferate

    Incessently needing to ponder

    I never think practically

    It's never too precise

    Insane nerds throwing parties

    I'm not the problem

    I'm not that popular

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kollin View Post
    What do they say that memory is the first thing to go...?
    How can something go away that was not even there? Okay, maybe it was, but - well I can't remember...
    Daylight bores the sunshine out of me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    I was struggling to read a newspaper yesterday, when my ESFJ daughter came in the room, switched on the light and said "Why are you reading in the dark?"
    Heh. This was the first thing I was going to say before you mentioned it. Always unconscious to light and people ask why I'm doing "these" things, like reading in the dark. I don't spend much time with sensors, but when I used to, they were always questioning my sensotard moments (at least it seemed like they were, as if I was paying any attention.) It tends to be a very popular Perceiving type thing, because of their out world organization being so pointless. Sensors do think we're retarded. I happen to think they're retarded. Kidding...

    I really love the smilies in this place.

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    Today I was walking through the mall and was trying to head down a set of stairs. I had my head hung in deep thought and kept walking towards the staircase. Then I got all the way to the staircase and realized it was blocked with plants. I look up and apparently had just walked through the set up area where kids get their pictures taken with Santa.

    It took me a minute to realize where I was and then I said. "WOAH! I WAS HEADING TO THE STAIRS AND DIDNT REALIZE THEY WERE BLOCKED OFF!!! THEN I LOOKED UP AND REALIZED I WAS WALKIN IN A WINTER WONDERLAND" and ran off and left santa laughing.

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    I often like to watch the monologues of Letterman, Conan, and Craig Ferguson, but I usually forget to change the channel until each show has been on for half an hour.

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