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Thread: You do it, you are the brainiac.

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    yeah... if it's something I'm good at and I know I have the time to devote to it then I usually volunteer anyway. But when people put me forward - especially without me being there to know about it - I just refuse usually and dig my heels in, and every puppy dog plea that comes my way only stiffens the resolve to dig them in harder. I don't appreciate being manipulated.
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    It happens, and I used to just cave in all of the time. Then I learned to feign stupidity, and then to send mixed messages about myself, and then to say no. I actually still send mixed messages about myself though, mostly because I don't think I should put myself out there all of the time.
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    Yup, happens all the time. I'm such a slacker though that it still continually suprises me. I usually enjoy analyzing something and giving my input, but if its labor intensive then I usually just pass it on or procrastinate till they give up. Actually, scratch that if its a friend or someone who I know moderately well I get too annoyed watching them go about something extremely inefficiently so I just jump in.
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    Yes, people at my lab expect me to come up with wild theories for why they got totally unlogical results from their lab-experiments.
    Sometimes, I even manage to do that, so they can write a nice paper

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    LOL nice thread .

    Yea we recently had in university in our group the excercise to find the right coefficients for a Platin resistance thermometer to form a quadratic equation. Then you can use the thermometer for temperature measurement and pinpoint down the exact temperature by changes in the electrical resistance of the system the Pt is in.

    I just did the math via a matrices breakdown, it was clear for my group that I do it

    I am not really offended by it though. Sometimes I would like to be with someone in a group that has equal intrests. But those times I was, things mostly went bad, due to competency problems and I ended up letting the other one do the job -.- .
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    yes I seem to attract the hideous stuff that everyone else would find too difficult, to date I've not actually been stumped. I'm now so conditioned to hard stuff that the easy stuff is a bit dull, dull dull

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    It used to be like that, then I learned to feign stupidity. Then again, I learned to actually be stupid for real, and that's when it ended completely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    I have one question for NTs.

    How often does it happen to you that others give you something to figure it out.

    Or do things like this happen to you.
    I am in the group and everybody needs to have a role.
    Then one guy says "He(me) will do the strategy and planning!"
    And the the others then say things like : Of course, who else could be good for the job,nobody. , I fully agree. They even say things like "I think we are going to win this one". The entire thing is arranged in only few seconds and every tme it happens I am like WTF.
    I guess I am not too aware of my social image.

    So, how everybody else take this? (I am sure it happens)
    Oh man, this happens to me all the time and it's quite annoying. I always have to figure out how to divide the check up when I go to dinner with a bunch of people, etc.

    And since I'm so focused on interpersonal relations/motivations of people, everyone always asks me what to do in all their relationships or when they have some ridiculous problem with someone.

    These people are completely capable of doing most of this stuff themselves -- they just know I can do it faster and they're scared of doing their own work.

    (Yeah, I know I'm not NT.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachelinpa View Post
    Why do you prefer it that way? My mom (ENTP) is like that too. Only a few close people know how brilliant she really is.
    Its too much trouble. Its a lot like those gaurds that can't laugh and the reaction they get. No one would sit in front of their face acting like idiots if they thought they could laugh. Same concept.

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    Oh I'm told I'm not that clever... except when they're computer breaks down or they don't understand something new.. it seems that I am the foremost person in most people's book when it comes to something new. Not sure why.

    Mind you it's taken 30 years of my life for my father to ask for my advice. Apparently I'm a web expert too. News to me but I'm coping so far. Nowhere near as bad as when after one smartass remark my boss decided I was a database expert :eek:
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