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Thread: Most easy-going types.

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    Iím going with the Artisans for the most easy going. They generally donít seem to be bogged down by the existential issues that NPs worry about while many of the NFs I know are easily offended enough that it simply canít be good for their state of mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArtlessFuture View Post
    Any type that avoids conflict like the plague is usually easygoing.
    Any type that avoids conflict like the plague is probably hypersensitive towards criticism in the first place so that they constantly worry of what others will think of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    sorry but i doubt that theory has much weight to it. IJ's the most open minded? you're telling me that an ISTJ or an ISFJ has a really open mind? no way.
    It depends. INTJs and INFJs are about as open minded as you can get; ISTJs not so much. Dominant Intuitive Perceivers such as ENTPs, ENFPs, INTJs, and INFJs are among the most open-minded types, as AvereX and Liquid Laser both pointed out.
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    I would say that most laid back chill/non-judgemental type to me seems like the ESFP.

    Mine has never complained, even when I made her hold my three kilos of mexican bam bam (cocaine) while I went behind one of the Dennies in Denver to have a third trimester abortion using a coat hanger while shooting up.

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    I posted this on another thread about open-mindedness, so it's basically the same topic.

    P types in general are very open-minded because informations-gathering is a continual process, up to the very last second. They wait until faced with a situation to make a decision, rather than seek out situations that support their decision.

    Why is this?

    use Ne and Ti/Fi, meaning they gather external information with Ne and evaluate the information with Ti or Fi.

    use Se and Ti/Fi, meaning they gather external information with Se and evaluate the information with Ti or Fi.

    Because their information gather function is oriented in the external world, which they know they cannot control, they readily change decisions based on continuous incoming information.

    J-types use Si or Ni, supported by Fe or Te. The information gathering process for J-types is base on the internal world, which is governed by their past experience/knowledge. Their decisions create or seek-out external situations, while their information-gathering process serves as an internal guide.

    As far as THE MOST easy-going type, theoretically I might say ESTP because their primary function is Se (a little more objective than Ne) and their secondary function is Ti.

    In my experience, ISFPs seem to be the most easy-going in nature, but they keep their value-judgments to themselves and rarely share their actual opinions.

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    I think that ISFP is probably the most easygoing type in general, closely followed by ESFP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cality View Post
    What are the most easy-going types according to you.

    In my opinion : NP because N not that attached to materialistic things, practical things and P because able to compromise, change plans and so on...
    I would agree. SP have that SP rage problem.

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    INTPs definitely

    not competitive
    change plans
    not territorial
    information gatherers
    does not bother to control others at all
    observant rather than interactive
    emotionally unattached
    lost in their own world

    and ISFPs

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    Laid back means relaxed or unhurried, or free from stress and easy-going, according to the Random House unabridged dictionary.

    The thing is, every person is both easy going AND intense at one time or another, depending on the context of the situations that they are located in at the moment. What we want to know is who would remain relaxed and unhurried most often, even in the face of stress-inducing situations?

    I think it's pretty obvious to favor P types over J types, but beyond that, I have trouble pinning down any one type.
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    i don't know enough irl but i know i am super laid back always...and i'd guess esfp's an infp's would be too...but like i said irl i have no idea...nice useful post huh?
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    ISFPs seem really laidback, too.

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    Laid back, huh? I tend to be very laid-back...I've just always been quick to let things roll off my shoulder.

    From personal experience, I'd say that INFP aren't so laid back..cause they tend to be very sensitive to what people think of them.... My sister is INFP and she has a really hard time letting things roll off her shoulder.

    My brother is an ENFP and he's definitely very easy going...nothing seems to upset him.

    My ISFP Dad is not very laid back at all...Things get him uptight very easily.
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