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Thread: INTJ Spectrum of Learning Styles

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    Default INTJ Spectrum of Learning Styles

    INTJs, according to Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, which learning styles do you tend to work best with? Are there some of you that aren't natural mathematical learners?


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    I´m mostly Intrapersonal (maybe because I reach high scales on introvert), and secondary linguistic and spatial.
    The interesting thing is that I tend to not learning at all. I know most things that I heared in lessons, because I taught myself to be interested even in "boring" things like physics or maths.
    I´m definetily not a natural mathematical learner, not at all. There is a huge gap between undertanding how the world works and to prescind it so you have globular chicken in a vacuum at the end.
    I mostly just know things, and I rely on my intuition in the first momemt before I begin to gather information.
    It helps me to see what I can practically do with the thing I´m researching on. I´m just writing an essay about how temperature changes speed up the evolution, and it helps me that we have that nice little climate change here, so I can predict the future in the last passage.
    Personally, I hate learning things by heart. Like vocabulary. It doesn´t interest me, it´s terribly boring and for that, I reject it so deeply my brain refuses to remember them. :/
    But once I mastered the basics of a language, I can do everything by intuition. I read some books or watch some shows in this language and I permanently get better. I´m good at learning languages once I reach that stage, normally better than my classmates. Sadly, I´m quitting school before I can go that far with latin and I haven´t yet begun with greek (because we were to few to form a course), but I´ll try to read some philosophical texts (or better; translate them) and search an online course to join.
    I am special. Just like everyone else.

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