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Thread: INTJ vs ENTJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    I can't count how many times I've seen ENTJs pay a gallon of blood for something they could have prevented with a gram of empathy.
    Often wrong, but never in doubt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiny View Post
    What do you think is the differences between ENTJ and INTJ?

    I happened to have an ENTJ brother, and an INTJ father and INTJ teacher, and this is what I noticed about the 3 of them:

    The ENTJ is much more practical and action-oriented than INTJs. The INTJs is more philosophical and contemplative than the ENTJ.

    The ENTJ is bossier than the INTJ and he tend to give unsolicited advice a lot such as he will keep giving me advice on how to improve on myself. The INTJ is more laidback in this aspect.

    The ENTJ cares a lot about his appearance. He drives a sports car, and he is always wearing nice clothes. The INTJs aren't as appearance-conscious and he isn't afraid of wearing ugly clothes.

    The ENTJ appears much more approachable and has better people-skills than INTJ. The INTJ can have really acidic tongue at times, whereas the ENTJ is much more diplomatic and tactful in this aspect. The ENTJ appears very charming and polished, whereas the INTJ appears more aloof and mysterious. Both INTJs and ENTJs can be pretty reserved, but if you put an INTJ and an ENTJ in a social situation, you will notice that the ENTJ is always going around socialising with everybody whereas the INTJ only socialise with familiar people. The INTJ tend to give off a "Don't mess with me" vibe whereas the ENTJ tend to give off a softer and warmer vibe but when you get to know them better you realised they aren't as soft as they appear to be.

    The ENTJ becomes even more calm and rational under stress and his first reaction under stress is to go into problem-solving mode whereas the INTJ displays anger outbursts and tantrums under stress.

    The ENTJ is much more driven than INTJ. He is always doing something. He is always busy. His schedule is always filled with activities. The ENTJ also has this tendency to get things done immediately. For example, my ENTJ brother was helping me to download this software a week ago, and the computer ended up crashing. And he immediately went to buy all the different computer components and then he fixed all the different components into the computer and downloaded the software all within a week. Despite his busy life with work, wife and children, he still managed to finish fixing the computer and installing the software all within a week. The INTJs are more laidback in this aspect

    And also, I remembered reading a thread before "Which intuitive has the biggest anger issues" and everybody mentioned ENTJ. But I wanna clear up this misconception.
    Based on the INTJ and ENTJ whom I interacted with, the ENTJ is actually very calm and rarely loses his temper, the INTJ is actually much more emotional than the ENTJ. My ENTJ brother only loses his temper once every few years, whereas my INTJ father and INTJ teacher loses their temper on a much more frequent basis.

    Anyway, these are just some of the differences that I observed between the ENTJs and INTJs whom I interacted with in real life.

    What major differences have you observed between INTJ and ENTJ? I'd love to hear your opinions too
    If this were all true it would be obvious that I am a INTJ, but I am not.

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