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Thread: INTPs & Anger

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    I'm more than capable of suppressing my rage but if something puts me over the top, then yeah, I'm gonna do something stupid, albeit therapeutic. I only like to do it when I'm alone though, so as not to scare the crap out of anyone, much less do or say something to them I'll regret. As someone has said though, it's a very costly way to do things.

    For example, there was one night when I went to a friend's house to tutor her. She had a rough night though and wound up filling me in on all this shit that had been done to her before I'd met her and how depressed she was (not that I didn't know she was depressed, but the severity of her depression caught me off guard). Skipping the details, I remember walking back to the car when I was finished, constantly telling myself that I was sick of humanity. Then I just sat in the car for a good 15-20 minutes until I exploded; dropping F-bombs, screaming and throwing punches at whatever I could land one on. When I'd finally finished, I looked up and found that I'd put a giant spiderweb-shaped crack in the windshield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    I don't get angry; I just get frustrated. And usually it's directed inward. I haven't expressed anger outwardly at other people since I was a kid, I don't think. If I were to actually blow up at someone, I would feel like a five year old, and berate myself for days. This is not to say I never get cranky (I def. do) or that I never get snarky (guilty). But not pure anger/rage. And I never play dirty. I could know 800 horrible things about someone and never bring them up in an argument, no matter how much they provoked me.

    Edit: upon thinking about it more, I do feel anger sometimes, but I don't express it in the usual ways, I guess. It's possible that i just mull it over and analyze it so much it morphs into something else?
    I'm very much the same way.
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    ... if you don't know who Neil Peart is, then you're probably going to hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haight View Post
    I let it out.

    It's something I learned during my skatboarding days: A quick burst of anger-vomit. . . and then I'm A-OK. Although, it comes off as tourette-like, I've been told.
    This sounds like my husband. I just tell him to take a breath and storm off to the other room.

    I guess it's healthy that he vents like this, although being a 1w9 (or 9w1) it can be stressful to me. ("SAY IT NICELY! THERE ARE A MILLION WAYS TO SAY THAT WHY DO YOU ALWAYS PICK THE WORST?!) LOL!

    "We must apply our humble efforts to build a more just and humane world. I want to affirm emphatically: such a world is possible. To create this new society we must reach out our hands, without hatred and rancour, for reconciliation and peace, with unfaltering determination in the defense of truth and justice. We know we cannot plant seeds with closed fists. To sow we must open our hands."

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    I don't get angry often. I am likely to immediately convert from that surge of anger into whatever it is just becoming another thing on my list of stuff I need to think about and try to understand until it's ground into the dirt. I'm always analyzing. When I do get angry enough to have it be a bit more lasting, I BLOW UP.. Strings of explitive, maybe destruction of something within reach. It usually doesn't last all that long and I get over it.

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    I rarely get angry. Annoyed, yes, but I'm generally pretty calm and uncaring when people are being dumb.

    If I do get angry, I have problems expressing it with words. My face will get red, my temperature rises, and I try to come up with something to say, but it's usually verbal paralysis for me.

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    My anger is self destructive. The only one that really suffers from it is me. Much more dangerous when not emotionally involved, I guess, but I suppose many INTP's are: (verbally) violent when bored.
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    I'm not 100% on my type, but I guess I sort of release whatever resentment I have internally. I don't like when I get frustrated of angry, because whenever I do, it immediately fizzles out in a matter of seconds or minutes. But then, I'm unsettled because I either responded impulsively (by getting angry) instead of composing myself and rationalizing, or because I should be mad still, yet my intent on resolving or confronting whatever spurred that emotion dissapitates.

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