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Thread: How do you fellow NTs deal with...

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    Default How do you fellow NTs deal with...

    Feelings of extreme hurt? Especially over something small that just makes no sense,
    and I can usually let bigger things roll like the proverbial water off a duck.

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    There are only a few things that would make me hurt and upset

    Being dumped, especially if it was because of something I couldn't change
    Being judged sexually
    Having private, personal information distributed
    Seeing someone I care about mix their blood

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    Wait for the feelings to go away. They do eventually.

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    I get easily frustrated for any number of reasons, since I've always had some anger issues. What gets to me are things like being judge for things. Perfect example? I come into these forums to appease my boyfriend, who told me all the interesting things that goes on and how I can toss my two cents on things. First thing that happens is I get ragged on by some strange I don't know for not behaving as my MBTI stereotype should. I know that rationally it shouldn't bother me, but it does, and those are the kind of things that get under my skin. Strange? Probably, but it's my little flaw I suppose.

    Oddly enough, I'm pretty cam and collected on the big things.

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    I would likely confront them, even if it's small. Done the right way, it should 1) explain the situation clearly 2) provide closure and 3) not alienate the person I'm confronting. I might feel like punching them in the mouth but that's generally not productive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baltar View Post
    Feelings of extreme hurt? Especially over something small that just makes no sense,
    and I can usually let bigger things roll like the proverbial water off a duck.
    I think about it and observe how trivial it is (assuming it really is). I recognize that the hurt then is entirely inside me, which means it is within my control. I review the facts of the situation to make sure I didn't overlook something or assess it incorrectly, and to see if any action is needed (usually there isn't). Then I force myself to move on. This process itself is usually enough to dispel most of the hurt. Small echoes of it might return, but I remind myself of my conclusions, and away they go.
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