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Thread: Admiring INTPs but having no patience to be one

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    Default Admiring INTPs but having no patience to be one

    Is this common for ENTPs?

    Let me give you examples, many of the people I deeply respect and find inspiration from are INTPs: Thomas Jefferson, Immanuel Kant, Page and Brin (the Google guys), Milton Friedman among others.

    I find the works produced by INTPs to often be pure genius and identify strongly with it, however I do doubt that if I actually met these people, that I would get along with them very well, because I fear their need for precision, detail and depth in their studies, would honestly test my patience.

    What I admire about the INTPs, when they are productive, is that their ideas and works are usually amazingly succint and spot on. Their thesis are often almost dogmatically true, rational and logical explanations of very difficult concepts.

    As en ENTP growing up, I'd often have ideas and half baked theories about how the world worked and then stumble upon something written by an INTP and nod my head as I read thinking "This is EXACTLY true" - then I wouldn't finish reading it though, because I felt confirmed in what I intuitively understood but lacked stringent thinking to properly formulate.

    In that respect, I think the INTP really has a special relationship to truth. Their discoveries at their best are closest to the genius compared to other types.

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    We are better at detecting tangible cause-consequence relationships, while ENTPs seem better at intuitively seeing the connection between things. Roughly speaking, ENTPs make better inventors, while INTPs make better scientists.

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    It's like that with me too. I love their brains. They lay ideas out in a way that I greatly admire. I like things to make SENSE and they make sure it does, while still being capable of changing it up if good reason is given. When I'm in the mood for mental stimulation, debate, and want to hear truth with proof provided and learn something... I turn to an INTP (followed closely by INTJ). And, their senses of humor never fail to mesh well with mine and crack me up completely.
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