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Thread: The artistic side of INTPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty_Mountain_Rose View Post
    My favorite INTP is a great guitar player. He told me once that if a song makes him feel something other than hatred for noise, it's a good song lol
    This applies to me... minus the guitar player thing.

    I do enjoy singing and would say I'm pretty good at it. Occasionally bursts of creativity shoot through me on sleepless nights, usually resulting in writing half-assed yet catchy songs. I don't really play anything but if I have a tune in my head I can figure out how to play it on pretty much any instrument.

    I don't really have any artistic skills or training, but if its in my head, I can make it.

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    All the INTPs I've met seem fairly artistic.

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    INTP friend; comic book artist, musician, writer (of three books) has never shown anyone 95% of his work and the other 5% only a few people have seen.

    It's pretty common for INTPs to use music to deal with feelings they don't/don't want to understand like a previous poster said as well as using their internal force of logic to make art that makes sense to them.

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    I enjoy writing, putting words together is an artful expression. I write poetry and love all kinds of music.

    I don't use music to deal with my feelings particularly. I am very aware that music is often an emotional expression. There are times when a piece of music can near bring me to tears of release yet not if I smell that it is in any way manufactured to elicit a specific feeling. If there is an artistry in it and whatever emotion is experienced by the listener isn't one of manipulation then I thoroughly enjoy it. If it is formulaic, then while I can enjoy it to a very superficial extent it doesn't move me.

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    Yeah, I have noticed this with my best friend, who I am pretty sure is an 5w4 INTP. He plays the guitar really well and has interests in ancient Germanic culture and folk music.

    INTPs may be weirdos but having a Ne-Si combination is pretty awesome for creative exploits of any sort is concerned.

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