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    ST easily. Very straight-shooting, no bullshit types who say exactly what they mean. Even if I completely disagree with one, I respect that quality. It is especially true of ISTPs, who I find to be the "coolest" type and who I tend to get along with pretty well. They are me if I was better coordinated, worried/thought less and did more, and kept my feet on the ground and my head out of the clouds. I sometimes envy SPs' "in-the-moment" lifestyle, though I wouldn't trade the perks that come with being an N for it.

    Now, as for NFs, I often find them to be some of the most fascinating types and most interesting to communicate with. But since the thread asks which is EASIEST to communicate with, it's no contest. NFs are the hardest to communicate with in many ways, which is part of the reason I like it. It's a challenge, but one that is often worth it.

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    To the INTJ's who said ISFP's are total personality clashes, I disagree. We share all the same traits. The other is stronger in the areas we are weak in, and make up for one another. I've had a few INTJ's friends and dated a couple as well. I find talking to INTJ's very easy as well as rewarding.

    ENTJ's on the other hand are too much. Too in my space. Too unaware of their strong presence.

    INTP's are generally an enigma to me. But I've enjoyed the company and friendship of many INTP's.

    ENTP's are a great balance of humor and wits, in my experience.

    Overall, this ISFP is a huge NT fan.

    Also, more intelligent ESFP's do value Te and seem to have a lot of fun exercising it with their Se.
    "I don't know a perfect person.
    I only know flawed people who are still worth loving."
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    I find I can communicate much easier with the NF than the ST -- UNLESS I am giving step-by-step literal instructions, as in debugging a computer application, directions, or the like.
    With the NF, my Ni ignites on contact and metaphors and simile flow like wine, and the topics skip about like Hedy Lamarr's frequency-hopping. (See what I did there?)
    The fanciful thoughts and thought-play (not quite puns, necessarily ) are effortless -- it's stopping in time to return to the real world that is the problem.
    "Love never needs time. But friendship always needs time. More and more and more time, up to long past midnight." -- The Crime of Captain Gahagan

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    When I was younger definitely NF's, but as of now I think ST's. I also notice that I attract ST's a lot more often now too. NF's are still drawn to me under certain contexts, but most don't seem to last long around me. I am either too cold or too aggressive for them and it pushes most away. NF's also tend to get under my skin a lot easier than ST's by and large.
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    I find it easier to communicate with STs. I find it easier to relate with NFs.

    Of course that's an extreme generalization.
    You lose.


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    I am INFP and I love discussing things with xNTJ. Maybe it's because of my enneagram 4w5? Maybe because of other elements?
    Anyway, I love how intuitive, intellectual, clear, passionate and open to new ideas while staying focused they are.
    ENTP is another story, a bit too scatterbrain for me.
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    NF's definitely

    I'm a young ENTP and I havent developed my Ti quite fully yet so I rely on Ne like 80% of the time and since i usually socialize with people around my age (aka those who havent fully developed their second function either) I really do prefer NF's but not always

    Sensors around my age are just so different and its like they just dont get it sure they are fun to hang around with but i cant hold a deep conversation or discussion with them

    Even though I have to censor and restrict myself a lot, I actually really enjoy discussing things with ENFP's however i do find their Fi somewhat annoying at times
    But other than that i find it very easy to hold an intresting and fun conversation with them

    I haven't been exposed to many other NF's so I can't speak for them yet

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