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Thread: INTJs = the movie ruiners (Warning: this is a rant)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alea_iacta_est View Post
    ENTJs are worse. I know people can't stand my heckling sometimes but no one ever wants to watch a movie with my ENTJ friend again after what he has done.
    She's really more of an XNTJ, I suspect she might be more of an E.

    Quote Originally Posted by chubber View Post
    I could never see the point of that movie.
    Me: What is is about?
    Her: A bunch of stoners who witness a murder.
    Me: So, it's literally named after a type of weed?
    Her: Yeah... So?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Lemme guess, they're in their early 20s?

    Give them another shot around 30. Their inferior Se will have kicked in and suddenly you'll be baffled by the fact that they can be so easily amused by the stupidest crap ever
    Heeeeee. I already laugh in hysterics over stupid crap. Though I have since I was rather young.


    I pick apart movies during and afterwards, if it seems to annoy others though I will usually stop. The worst are action movies. The physics of it drives me insane. So many impossibilities and it just annoys me. You either need to be totally realistic, or unrealism has to be established. If you are in the middle ground I'll go nuts. Impossibilites without it being established as possibile will completely ruin them. Example: I loved the remake of alice in wonderland! The recent mission impossible? Couldn't take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Showbread View Post
    One of my roommates, as well as my brother are both INTJs. I legitimately think I just need to stop watching movies with them, or I might kill them. They are incapable of watching anything without absolutely picking it apart after wards. It drives me crazy! I love a good discussion, and do find myself complaining about aspects of movies. But good grief! Just let yourself enjoy something for once instead of finding every single damn thing wrong with it!

    Okay... I'm done now. My INTP friend does this a bit also, but not nearly as much.
    So true! I remember an INTJ buddy of mine couldn't let anything go.

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