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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    It can happen in other contexts too, its the unashamed discriminatory or prejudiced attitudes and mindsets which bother me.

    In particular I hate pretentiousness or a sort of middle class class consciousness, kiss up and piss down, and I hate it when I think anyone is either pandering or putting me down.
    Ah yes, I'd hate that too of course. But yeah, it wasn't like that in my 'belt case' I guess. I actually do have some experience with that though. As I run a small family business, I am also often found in the 'employee' position, in customers eyes. Especially when driving a cab Ive had some strange stuff happen. Like certain people feeling obviously 'superior' to me, of course theyre still paying customers so I'd never show my dissatisfaction about certain peoples demeanor and preconceptions about cabbies. But it does annoy me greatly (not just because I'm not a cabby, but because I dont think about cabbies that way at all. It's a good job and I have a good deal of respect for all my employees doing a good job at it.)

    I even one time I was driving around on a saturday night and this guy asked me if I could sell him some cocaine or XTC or something... Whilest it often happens that customers ask cabbies about drugs, as cabbies apparantly often know the ins and outs of local drug trafficking, this one was specifically asking me to sell him. So I was like, why would you think I'm dealing drugs? Well he said, cab driver wearing a rolex watch, seemed obvious. Doh...

    I felt quite awkward. :P
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    Actually come to think of it I have walked out of bars a la @wheelchairdoug when it was simply inconvenience. It's not like it was terrible service or something, I just didn't want to hang out and wait even if the place seemed otherwise ok so I GTFO.

    Most the time I just wait it out. If it's for recreation, I have little patience.
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    This sounds like the kind of thing I'd overthink and turn into a test for myself: how easily are my days influenced by others? I'm less likely to do something like this than I was in the past, but if I did GTFO, it would be because I'd scared myself out of it more than anybody else by flooding the simple task with implications.

    I'll often leave a store with nothing for more casual reasons, like it doesn't feel safe or turns out not to fit my mission.
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