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Thread: I Hate Board Games

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    Board games can be fun if you are with someone who is at the same level or better than you. Then you can learn and develop, and it is also interesting.

    Once I went over a friend's house when I was about seven or eight years old. She wanted to play topple for hours. At first, I tried to be diplomatic and play, but after a while, I just said (in what must have been a totally arrogant-sounding voice) "Can we play something a bit more challenging? Something more intellectual?" An eight-year-old. Hell, she probably didn't even know what I meant by the word. Then she brought out Sorry! GAHHHHH!!!! I was used to playing scrabble with my grandmother, who was an English teacher. I lost like hell. But it was fun and GREAT. I was playing games like cribbage and 45s at ten and bridge at sixteen (okay, card games, but same idea). It was a challenge, and I LEARNED something. Here this kid was breaking out TOPPLE!!!

    Sheesh, I would have slapped myself silly if I had seen myself back then, but being a kid, I guess I was much more honest and much less diplomatic. Damn, I was really an arrogant ass...good that I learned to calm my butt down a bit.

    So I agree with the people who said that the following things matter:

    1. It must be a challenging game I'm interested in. Not monopoly, where it is clear that you just buy everything in sight and buy from people too stupid to know any better. WORD games are fabulous, as are certain strategic card games.

    2. You must play with people who challenge you, or it is boring as all hell.

    That's my opinion, anyway.

    P.S. Now I can kick all my family's butts at scrabble. So it must have taught me something. (Okay, I am also a nerd and play it to death on scrabulous, but oh well.)
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    I play Risk with my brothers once every few years. I usually fare pretty well, not because I have great strategy (I don't). I'm just very good at manipulating the other players into attacking each other instead of me.
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    I like board games and I enjoy in them.

    But I want to know what people here think about Risk 2210.

    I think it is a great game but other people think it is too complicated. Even some N people think like this.
    On the other hand why would they want to play the game if it always ends whit my victory. I mean always as always.

    I am sure that this is because others don't see all the options and there is a quite large amount ot them in all moments.

    I grow up upon Real time strategy games and it looks like, that this knowledge is giving me unfair advantage in this version of risk.

    What I am asking is : Is it me or INTJness?

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    I prefer computer strategy games.

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    i like apples to apples hah and pictionary with the right people
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    Quote Originally Posted by cn1234567890 View Post
    i like apples to apples hah
    That's a fun one!

    Not much strategy.

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    I like chess and card games. And dice games.

    But I hate these modern plastic board games which have flashing lights and sound effects in them and are designed to be played a very certain way.

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    Anyone who claims to hate board games has clearly never played 3-D Chess in his/her life.
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    I remember playing 3d Battle Chess when I was younger.

    And so began my journey into the land of violent video games...

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    I enjoy Monopoly, but really clean up in Balderdash and its variants.

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