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Thread: Organisation and planning tools

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    Default Organisation and planning tools

    So what do you use? What are the best?

    I use diaries, notebooks and tend to make to do lists and record dates on a massive wall chart which I consult most days, at least each night and morning, I've been trying to get more and more organised so that I can plan weeks and months in advance but sometimes work or life results in the unexpected and enough of the unexpected and I can get tired and wary of planning things too far ahead.

    I was thinking of material tools, such as diaries, card indexes and stuff like that when I began to write this thread but now that I think about it I mean apps for the phone too, also tricks or lifehacks too like buying christmas cards during the january sales and writing them for the following year.

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    I use..

    Out Of Milk for shopping lists, pantry master lists, etc.
    Evernote for everything.
    I'm trying out reQall too. I don't have an opinion on that just yet.

    We have a family command center in the mudroom where everything from keys to backpacks to mail, calender, phones...etc. That works very well.
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    I have a 3-month laminated wall calendar at home, on which I write with dry-erase markers. Also a small pocket planner I keep in my briefcase. On my computer, I use Tomboy Notes to manage to-do and other lists. Otherwise one of my best organizational tools is good personal habits.
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    A piece of paper to jot notes, a brain always working to simplify and condense what I have to do, and a superior memory of what I have to do. If you need something more than a piece of paper to organize yourself, then what you are doing isn't clear/simple enough yet. Then again, I'm a perceiver all the way, but I think there is something to be learned here.

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