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    Quote Originally Posted by Pseudo View Post
    No hit everyone has their own struggles. My struggle is interacting with people. You as an extroverted person probably don't struggle as much with networking. Why does recognizing the differing strengths of different types have to start some kind of I/E battle. And it's not about pity but you can recognize how a system might benefit a certain type more than others. People who are personable and comfortable with interaction, who thrive off it rather than be exhausted by it, will thrive in a system that values those qualities.

    Whatever sent you on this holier than thou, be the change you want see lecture, it's misguided
    Take a shot of whiskey before you network. That will make it easier.

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    I hate the word.

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    I hate networking too.
    All six jobs my late husband had was at a place where he knew someone who already worked there.

    Throw out everything you have been told about networking.
    Invent a new INTP way of accomplishing the same thing... i. e. asking people if they know of any work available in your field.

    You can do it!
    I believe in you!

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