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Thread: ENTP comic book heroes and villains?

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    Default ENTP comic book heroes and villains?

    Hello everyone. I don't post here much, but here I am (obligatory intro).

    I notice a lot superheroes are written as SJ/FP and most villains are INTJ, and (to me) this leads to bland storytelling. Now I know it's impossible to pinpoint a fictional character's type because of writing inconsistencies, but overall, I'd type Batman as either INTJ/INFJ and The Joker as an ENTP. To me that hero/villain combo feels refreshing, no matter how many times it's retold, because it's not so cookie cutter haha. I'm rambling a bit now, so I guess I'll just get to my main point and say that I notice that compared to other entertainment mediums, the ENTP seems to be underrepresented in comic book land. How many ENTP heroes and villains can you name?

    I can think of Joker and Deadpool.

    (I'm talking screen adaptions as well as the comics themselves. Anything goes.)

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    Well, the movie version of Iron Man is ENTP, so probably the comic-character too. I do not read any comics. That's why I am not going to give much input on this topic.

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