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Thread: tactics employed by intps for catching the interest of the person you like?

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    Default tactics employed by intps for catching the interest of the person you like?

    do you, do your homework on a person of interest, learn all their favored topics an than wait for the favored time to bring things up to discuss when that person is around? what do you do?

    how do intps deal, when another person sits in on the conversation and begins to capture the person`s attention whom you are interested in?
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    I observe them from afar. I listen to their words and get a feel for who they are. I don't make a move until they've said or done something I can discuss intelligently and enthusiastically. I like to keep myself in short supply. I'll suddenly reveal myself and be really bright, then pull back just as quickly, back to nonchalantly observing from afar. I keep people in the dark about what I feel, enjoying the process of watching them wonder and discover, maybe even subtly toying with them and giving mixed signals - a quick glance when it seems like I'm ignoring the person, an extra moment of eye contact when hanging out with a group of friends, an almost undetectable little smile, a mysterious sigh, asking a simple favor that looks like it could lead somewhere but pulling back casually when it's done. My style is to basically pretend that I don't even notice the person but drop a few tiny hints and see where things lead. I tend not to worry too much about any 1 particular person; this is just the way I constantly operate. If I go out in public and talk with a lot of different people, whether they're new or old, I'll be doing this sort of stuff automatically and just observing the results, seeing how people react and taking what presents itself, if I choose.

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    Poetry. It worked on me.
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    Act enthusiastic and spazzy and talk about interesting things I know and random funny thoughts. If they act more interested in someone else I stop trying and just talk to them if I happen to.

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    I tend to amp up the witty sarcasm to impress anyone who I'm interested in. Flirtatious humor combined with a general appearance of disinterest and cynicism usually serve me well. Oftentimes it serves me well enough that it draws in people I had no interest in whatsoever.

    In general, I aim to be Han Solo. Unfortunately, I don't have the attention to detail to find out if it's working until I've lost the game.
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    Judicious use of bitch traps.




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    Yea, I also observe from afar, then, when close, try to be funny. I'm not that funny, and have long been trying to improve my poetic ability (I have a general lack of things to say, not lack of ability), so I usually end up trying to have some sort of discussion about something we are both interested in.

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