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    Default An xNTP's blog....

    Well, I'm new here...
    Where to begin? Well of course as an NTP, from the outside in...
    I recently (two weeks ago) discovered the MBTI, and then took four different tests to see if i was E/iNTP, and it's almost 50/50, although that could well be the chameleon of the INTP. Anyway, I Google'd the hell out of everything, and as you would expect, voraciously consumed the first ten pages of Google (every link lol...), getting less sleep than...well, ever. And then eventually reading forums, and finally trying to find the LARGEST forum of all the MBTI types, and sort of ended up here(?)

    So, enough about that, now about me I guess, could just put it in my 'about me.' But eh' why not.
    Name is Vinnie. Age 19. Hated every year of school elementary - high school education. I moved around a lot as a kid (Military Parents). So I've had the chance and experience to see...well, a lot. Anyway, somehow I ended up at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) [Also, you may 'lol' at I decided to go to college in Hawaii, obviously not for the education, but for the location]. I thought it would be different than school, and well, it some ways. But in most ways, its the same. Authority/Bureaucracy...etc. Can't stand it. It's so weird how people can go about their daily lives not interpreting and analyzing this higher institution's motives. Ridiculous. Anyway, I just completed my Freshman year and I will be returning to my home In Colorado and dropping out of school. My assumption about college was that...**** I don't even know. But as always, I get bored in lectures, and needless to say it is useless going to class. Like those comics from (HILARIOUS), I can teach myself anything ("WOW! Not condescending or sounding like a pompous ass at ALL! by reading books. Do I have future plans? No. I don't plan to mooch/live off of my parents forever either. I'll work part time...but how will you even work a part-time monotonous routine job?! Worked fast food, lol almost died, i'll find something. I often want to ascend from the world like Siddhartha Gautama (note: not religious, easy). I'm solely after the consumption of...knowledge and truth...perhaps. I don't know. Anyway...yup...

    Edit: I tried to upload my profilePersonality thingy, but ...I couldn't...anyway my profile is at Personality Profile of TimeAsylums (Personality Type, Multiple Intelligences)

    Second Edit: (Tangent thoughts...) Also, feel free to ask any questions...
    Wondering. Wandering.

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    Strengths: ...ideas. thoughts, analyzing, philosophy, thinking. Just about everything not related to STEM degrees (boohoo). Pretty useless, while the world awaits the overthrowing of capitalism by you know what -ism, I wonder what personality type would lead that...but anyway.
    Wondering. Wandering.

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