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Thread: ENTPs and Dating

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    I'm not positive if I'm an ENTP but I'm close enough to answer this question...! I haven't dated a lot (I don't run into a lot of people that I'm attracted to to the point of wanting to spend a lot of time with them), but there's a definite pattern of being attracted to the more "sensitive and emotional" guys. I don't like the drama-trips, but I do like guys who are a bit more emotionally expressive than I am. NFs, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel De Mazarin View Post

    Good luck to your friend... as an ENTP I can't really work out deep relationships of any kind with Sensual judging types... they're too rigid... and if they're introverted to boot? God help me.
    Actually the problem with this particular ISFJ is that she's very traditional in her thinking. She wants a provider (my ENTP friend on the other hand- is the opposite of traditional- very free spirited and liberal), white picket fence, all that; whereas, my friend, he likes change and variety. She was getting on his case because he doesn't have a "normal" 9-5 job, something that is very important to her.

    I read somewhere that INFJs and INTJs are natural partners for ENTPs... but from what little I know about INTJs, I don't think I'd be happy with a stereotypical INTJ at all... too distanced... I need a feeler to balance me out... so an INFJ sounds pretty good... or if she's not a feeler, she needs to be a perceiver, so she can adapt more to changing circumstances and my changing moral universe... I don't have a steady way of looking at the world: it changes all the time... my partner cannot be inflexible when it comes to at least accommodating my flux.
    Well, I suggest you attempt to date an INFP first before making any conclusions.

    I've noticed that ENFPs typically do well with INFJs as they both have a similar thinking style, and each type doesn't like to rock the boat with different opinions since each always have to be "right".

    ENTPs on the other hand, are those kids in college who often spoke up when something was amiss, and while other people swept it under the rug, the ENTP would create dissonance within the group. I think they would be more suited for people who tend to stray away from the norm and the established- since breaking rules is one of their favorite things to do. Any NT type would probably work well for them.

    The only discernible difference between P-types and J-types is that J-types like making quick decisions and assessments, while Ps take "forever" to come to a decision. I adore my P-friends, but sometimes the way they continually circle around a thought drives me crazy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Algora J View Post
    Well, I suggest you attempt to date an INFP first before making any conclusions.
    I don't think I could quite deal with an INFP. With an INTP I know that my partner generally thinks a lot like me, so the introversion won't be a bad thing at all... but INFP's are not only introverted but would have a hard time really 'feeling' my way of thinking.
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    My biggest love, at first sight love, was infj...
    My second biggest, rather 4th sight love, was isfj...
    The rest was not important enough to be some kind of representative.
    I can also say that:
    - I do not like Istjs (with mutuality),
    - can get on with intjs (but with no thrills, butterflies and so on ) - I think we are both too rational and and cant reach this level of intimacy...
    - I adore enfps, they adore me, lots of positive energy, great expectations and... we hardly never come to any closure
    - esfjs/isfps are too needy and really get on my nerves and ,from unknown reasons, say they adore me

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    I don't think type matters much. They should be open-minded, NOT needy, and self-confident.

    E/I - I don't really care, as long as it's not so extreme in one direction that they are not able to function.

    S/N - Don't care. Balance is good.

    T/F - Prefer T, but not someone who is robotical. F would be fine as long as they are not extremely sensitive in every way to the point where I spend all my time trying to patch things up instead of just enjoying the flow of the relationship.

    P/J - I like J. If she's more P than me, we've got big trouble, although it would be funny.

    You know, somebody who inspires growth and excitement rather than suffocation and stagnation. Any type can do that if they are healthy in the head.
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    I've never had any interest whatsoever in dating an S. It's not a prejudice, it just never happens. The others I'm more flexible on but my two big relationships were with an INTP and an ENTP. I think I'm attracted to the argumentative style of another ENTP but then the constant back-and-forth just ends up getting on everyone's nerves. The INTP mate seemed clever and interesting but was too disconnected for me. My latest idea is that I'd probably match best with an ENFJ--relationship-oriented and sort of take-charge but in a sensitive kind of way. Now if only I could figure out how to get possible dates to take the MBTI...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mollyowens View Post
    Now if only I could figure out how to get possible dates to take the MBTI...
    Haha, yep, I've thought about this too. It would be so much better than that "what's your sign?" crap. I could be like "look, this book says you and I are PERFECT for each other."
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    Best of luck finding an ENFJ male, Molly! (Or female for that matter...)
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    According to my sources, ENFJs are 1.6&#37; of men and 3.3% of women. Pretty bad odds either way but I should probably seriously consider batting for the other team.

    For full disclosure purposes, I should admit that I have conned a date or two into taking the MBTI, if my attempts at wrangling their type out of them are unsuccessful. This is probably ill-advised but just another way of expressing my ENTP desires to make everything scientific and subject to my own manipulation...

    Oh and also, if you haven't found it yet, you can internet-date by type at

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    I like to date big boobs xD
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