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Thread: self centered

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    I've oft felt self-centered, it's very hard to pull me out of my mind, wants and desires.

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    Others-centered individuals think I'm self-centered. Self-centered individuals think I'm normal. I think people will be people.
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    Cause apparently you do not take into any consideration of anyone's feelings. Do not feel bad a lot of us don't either but its something to work on.

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    Here's the big reveal....are you ready?

    You are getting called self centered because you don't make a show of 'caring about others'. Others don't really care about others either but they put on a good show of empathy to make it look like they do. When someone is spitting 'you're so selfish' at you, they are really saying You haven't done what would please me and I'm pissed off about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by think2much View Post
    Why do I get called out for being self centered when everyone eles is self centered? I realized I'm self centered but others are exactly the same. Is it even possible to be in a relationship if your self centered and narcissistic?

    EDIT: you know what I don't even care anymore if people think I'm self centered bastard than so be it. If every single person hates me and excludes me than fuck em. I really do believe I'm caring person but only to people I care deeply about and if they can't see that or appreciate it well than I guess I'll just die alone.
    It's stuff like that comment that makes you self centered.
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