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Thread: INTJs and Depression

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    Default INTJs and Depression

    Yeah, how's that work out? Just wondering how you INTJs have avoided or coped with depression within your own life.
    "The life of the individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful."
    - Albert Einstein

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    I don't know about depression, but I try not to let life get me down.

    There's so much to do. When I feel the stagnation creep up on me, I throw myself into something new. I need it, I love it I thrive on it. I need something to dedicate myself to, and there's no shortage of projects.
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    Depression, for me at least, is like Carbon Monoxide poisoning. It creeps in silently, I tend not to even know it's coming. The worst part is that I don't become your typical depressive sufferer. Everything just goes flat. No happiness, no sadness. Not a lack of motivation, but not much to speak of either. Most people (even those close to me) would never be able to tell, I just seem normal. I've been depressed for as long as a year, it just became a part of my life, who I was.

    Just before I got deployed I was fast approaching critical mass. By anyone's standards I was very much an alcoholic. I would drink 6 nights a week, work nights, weekends, it didn't matter. When I drank I was everybody's favorite person to be around. Happy, funny, you name it. When I was sober I would be negative and openly combative. If you read into the Enneagram, I was a very unhealthy type 8.

    Like Haphazard said, avoid stagnation, that's really the best way for an INTJ to stay healthy. As INTJs, we don't do very well to mull over past mistakes. Live for the future, to hell with yesterday. When I get down I constantly obsess over what I've done wrong to a point where it interferes with my life.
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    I can feel with you. Treating obsessions with obsession, is one of my specialities too. A long time ago I was addicted to marijuana in combination with heavy drinking. I lost my car license in that time and in my country you have to go through a straight medical and psychological profile to get it back.

    With no help from the outside, I pulled the plug to that way of living myself and today after nearly 2 years, I even got my car license back . Except for my personal flaws, I have all the time, no one was involved in me being that strong to help me myself. All that conviction in that time to myself and a lot of obpressed feelings, nowadays come to live and want their tribute for being so calm in those days.

    I have, by the way no idea of how to help iNTj cope with depression. I think iNTj are the ones who are of all intuitional personality types, one of the strongest. And like MetalWounds saied, they best help themselves.

    But there always needs to be room for depression ! Without depression being recognized it will haunt you.

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    I spend so much energy combatting depression because of its obvious detrimental results/purposes that I end up drained and lethargic going about daily activities.
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    I'm in it pretty deep right now. If I climb out of it, I'll report back.
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    I react much the same way to depression as I do to extreme stress...I just want to shut down and sit around watching television.

    The only thing I can really do is realize what's going on and force myself to get out of the house and do something else. Exercise helps a lot.

    But mine tends to be like what MetalWounds described...everything just goes flat and nobody can tell but me.

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    I don't know. When I get really upset, I become more physically sick than anything else. Dizzy and nauseated, etc. After a particularly bad week, my mother thought I had the flu. Eugh. It's a little like my feelings know they won't get any attention, so they go ahead and muck up my body.

    I know I have to do something, but it can't involve moving so much. Drawing and writing are usually best, but not about anything that's going on at the moment.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    For me, I become flat also, although other people can usually tell if they know me well enough. I get a totally blank face, no expression. If anything happy or sad happens in my life, I will think about it for 10 seconds, "wow that was ____", then after that, just flat, I don't care. It's like I don't have any feelings, it's sorta scary.

    I don't enjoy any of the old stuff I use to, such as video games, and graphic design, those things were always fun to me, I could do them for hours. Now when I do those things they just turn into a way to waste my time. It feels like that because they don't bring any joy into my life like they use to. It's definitely related to the whole "no feelings, no caring, flatness" thing.

    I use to care about my grades in high school, I would study when needed to, but recently I find myself just not caring about it. I am also in college, but I am in the 2/5th of the year in which I do not attend so I don't know if my depression would affect my grades in college, although I think I tend to care more about college because it seems more... important, than high school.

    I would go find something to do yeah, a "project" or obsession that I could move on with, but right now, the whole feeling of flatness just doesn't care about getting a new project.

    I don't ever plan to even try alcohol, mainly because I am an INTJ and alcoholism runs in my family, I know with those two combined factors I would become addicted and it would screw me over.

    I find myself just surfing the internet a lot of the time, trying to fill some kind of void that I cannot see. I guess it's my own way of trying to find a new project. Like if I find something, it will act as a key, and unlock the chains of my depression.
    "The life of the individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful."
    - Albert Einstein

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    Huh. I never realized this was an INTJ thing, but merely a "I must be the most screwed up person on the planet" thing. The trend follows suit for me as well. Muted-to-absent emotions coupled with conversion disorder, though instead of flu-like symptoms it's migraines for me. It's interesting though. After years and years of being called an emotionless jerk, depression follows through with the stereotype. The irony doesn't fail to amuse me.

    I went to a shrink once with disastrous results, so I mostly attempt to deal with it myself. I think it's harder for us because not only are we wired differently than most people, but we are also more prone to be disconnected from our emotions. I think most people end up trying to solve a problem in their lives, but the reason we have trouble is that if it were a problem to be solved we could probably fix it in some way or another without pause. Our problems are more likely to be caused by the lack of a problem rather than the lack of a solution. But that's mostly speculative, and may only apply to me. I don't know.

    Bah, it's late, I'm tired, so if this doesn't make any sense feel free to whack me with a rubber chicken, because I don't know. I could be speaking in sign language for all I can tell.

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