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Thread: Trying to figure out which NT type I am

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    Default Trying to figure out which NT type I am

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    ESxJ would be my guess, but I'm no expert. Just want to try! (Get a guess in before the experts step in so I can see if I'm getting better at this.. haha)
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    I'm not greatnat typing but I can tell you this. You are nothing like me in thought processes.

    The E or I. I'm a strong I but that doesn't mean I dislike the company of others or have no need to socialise. In fact I work a very social job and spend most hours of my day interacting with a lot of people.
    But I can easily spend a long time on my own with minimal outside human interaction. By a long time I mean weeks or months at a stretch. I don't believe having a desire for social interaction in adn of itself to be an indicator of extroversion. We are human, generally we want to chat with other humans. The defining point for me is whether or not you spend more time in your own head or exploring other people's heads. I most definately have a strong prediliction for my own head. Other people aren't that interesting to me to really dig down and get to know them very well. Most of the time I am entertained by my own mimd.

    N or S. I am almost soley fixated on my future. I find it hard to be in the moment and mostly that's frustraitng for me and the past is something I'd rather just forget, although damn it my mind likes to dredge up a lot of shit from there too. But absolutely I am future orientated. I have a very low sensing score. The test though is how clumsy are you? My low sensing ability makes me a walking mishap. Nothing dangerous but a general lack of awareness of the environment around me means I am forever dropping stuff, forgetting things and stubbing my toe, cutting my fingers. It all boils down to the fact I am never fully present, or ungrounded if you like. If I gave you something from Ikea to assemble, would you read the instructions or wing it?

    N or T. I'd say you are F. Why? your focus on something like conflict, it's an F thing that. Analysis alone does not a T make. All types analyse. But your focusing on an emotional thing (conflict) which leans me in the direction of F for you. When I think about something llike the workplace I'm all about getting the tasks done with hardly a thought for the human factors involved.

    P or J. You sound like a P to me. I'm a srrong J and closure is a major driving force for me. I'll make any decision, even the wrong one, in preference to leaving something open-ended. You've also admitted to being commitment avoidant, thats a P thing.

    Don't know if I've really been of help except to say you are very unlike this particular INTJ. Emjoy the discovery.

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    I partially disagree with WhoCares.

    Going by cognitive functions rather than by letters, this is what I would extract from your self description: Si, Ne, Ti and Fe. Now all you have to do is put them in the right order to get your type.

    You do seem to be an extrovert, so that would mean Ne-Ti-Fe-Si (a.k.a. ENTP) or Fe-Si-Ne-Ti (a.k.a. ESFJ). Given your overall description the latter seems unlikely, so I would suggest ENTP. But that is simply an educated guess based on the very limited information at hand.

    The reason WhoCares perceived you as so different from him/her probably is that you have opposite cognitive functions.

    Also, welcome to the forum, both of you!
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    I'll readily admit I don;t know much about MBTI nor have I bothered to learn. Other interests and all that. Thanks for the analysis RedHerring.

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    FWIW I agree with RedHerring. I see in you a P trying to extricate him/herself from a J working environment. This is so darned hard where planning, deadlines, etc, are so grossly overvalued. Have a think about how your personal, non-work, and interests lives shape up on the JP dimension and you may be able to clarify things. Your I/E is about equal. You seem to value breadth over depth but, OTOH, interaction with people runs you out of energy at the end of the day. Your need to seek out others leads me to give a slight edge to E over I. And yes, NT makes perfect sense to me - BUT - you don't say a great deal about your appreciation of nature, man-made objects, etc. Your last sentence in N or S really belongs to J or P.

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