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    Ah, Sylvester Stallone is iSTp xDD . Sounds nice . Imaginary muscles I defintly have . I guess my father is iSTp, fits pretty well.

    I just got another advice, I think about to follow. That is "take some time off. Drive away for yourself and find back to yourself. Cause you are beginning to run after an idol that destroyes who you are."

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    analyze yourself NT!
    Fine. I am a prissy little twit narcissistic psycho who uses the MBTI forum to cement my INTJ eccentricities and at the same time gain deep satisfaction by picking apart SJs and marvelling at the feckless imbecils' responses. To be sure, modern synaptic pattern scans have proved ineffective in picking up on patterns of megalomania and the sense of grandeur that only a post-human like myself is capable of. I am on the cutting edge of social darwinism. The values and beliefs that are popular now I held 10 years ago. It will be another 20 years before society learns to absorb the values and ideas I hold now. Incidentally, there are some values and ideas that the average man will never attain. Ideas that only a higher culture can begin to fathom. I am the materialization of Nietzsche's superman.

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    I will have to say I could not have done a better job summing up the INTJ myself you're awesome. That's the exactness of the GODS!

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    I have to admit. That was extremely accurate. cant say much about the 10 years ago part seeing as how I was four 10 years ago, but I agree that relatively smart INTJ's play the part of social manipulators of as you put it"social darwinism".
    The Symbol of the King*The Absolute Does Not Exist*Kingship Will Bring Me Freedom

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