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Thread: "It seemed like a good idea at the time"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAVO View Post

    Right, I just can't bear the thought of perfectly good avocados going uneaten... no home... just.... just.... rotting away and meeting the fate of that papaya.
    All is well, I am making a big batch of guacomole a la Saturned. (there is no hungry emoticon, oddly enough, so imagine..)
    "It's never enough." The Cure

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    Awesome! You made a blog thread.

    Oh, my...about an hour ago I threw away 20 pounds potatoes that went bad because it was only $3 for 20 Lb. I bought them long, long ago when they set up a a tent with cheap prices out in from of the Piggly Wiggly.

    Oh, my, you somewhat know my history and I know yours a little. ((((((((((NotOfTwo))))))))))))))) I wished that I had a normal life and a normal childhood.

    I still haven't really had a romantic relationship with intimacy, and I don't expect it. Things have improved, however. I should PM you since there are some positive things.

    Yet, for the purpose of the thread, I will relate that I had $250,000 in military scholarships, including an appointment to a military academy. Yet, everyone who knew me in general life would say I was not military suited. My father had hoped I would change, but I didn't change. I was not able to do it. Meanwhile, I had told my civilian scholarships I was going military.

    Reflecting now, I could have been many different things and got a better job. I am here in the rural area. I like it in many ways, but I'm fantasizing about moving to the city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotOfTwo View Post
    That's an interesting one. I had a friend who would lie to me about whatever, and then 5 min later, apologize and tell me she lied. I would be puzzled and she could never explain why either. You aren't ESFP are you?
    This is EXACTLY what I do. They're not even lies of any consequence, they're stupid goofy things that no one cares about either way that just bust their way out.

    I'm not ESFP though, I'm some flavour of IxxP, probably INFP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by senza_tema View Post
    This is EXACTLY what I do. They're not even lies of any consequence, they're stupid goofy things that no one cares about either way that just bust their way out.

    I'm not ESFP though, I'm some flavour of IxxP, probably INFP.
    That's like what the girl in Garden State did. :P


    Another thing I just remembered:

    Watching too many movies at one go or reading too many books at the same time! I end up with a lot of undigested plots and they grow arms and legs and all get attached together.. :P

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    I, too, have bought bags of avocado and let them rot. The ex was disgusted with me. I did it again, but I made a mash for my hair with them. I like the way it made my hair feel but it's not a good idea to let a food product go down a bathtub drain.

    I, too, married at 20. That didn't seem like a good idea but a good alternative/escape at the time. I thought I could mold into something else. I hate being wrong.

    When do we show up for the guacamole feast? That way it will be a good idea for all time, not just at the time.

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    I only regret my decisions before I make them. Once its done, 4 1/2 ripe avocados or not, you would have been stupid to not have done the same thing.

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    Well, sometimes it doesn't play out as expected. So I guess, yes, I've experienced 'this' before.

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    Nooo's I didn't buy any avocados and didn't get married at life is over!

    On a side note I ate some mushy avocados today at a Beetroot Cafe and it tasted like someone put pepper and asphalt into it. yum

    Oh and I like this thread.

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    Placeholder for a potential example: Go backpacking in the coldest part of the country in winter.

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    I do that with food ALL the time too. I'm overoptimistic about my future self's motivation to cook things. I do well with things that don't require ANY preparation (baby carrots, fruit, cottage cheese, etc), but even things as easy to eat as broccoli, avocados, celery, potatoes, etc go bad way too often. I try to stop myself from buying those 10lb bags of potatoes now but I still cave once in a while "cause it'll totally be different this time"....
    -end of thread-

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