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Thread: anyone hate the holidays?

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    It's a love/hate things for me.

    Love: the decorations and lights, setting up the tree, drinking rum and eggnog, picking out the absolutely ugliest christmas sweater to wear with dripping sarcasm, seeing if I can find matching ones for my dog and brother, making snowmen do terrible things to eachother, putting effort into gifts for a few key people, watching my dog go ballistic in the white fluff, boots, scarves & hats, telling children 'the elves are watching' seeing my eccentric and demented NT friend shave off some of her pubes and use them as santas beard in a self made card to our SJ friend, snowmobiling, sledding and snowboarding, watching my parents cat climb to the top of their tree and bat at this ugly blue angel they've had since 84, the nutcracker musical and family, ofcourse.

    Hate: Being asked "What did you get for Christmas" instead of "How was your Christmas", driving in blizzards, mass consumerism and marketing, angry people in long lines, being cold in general, holiday pounds, that they always serve ham, clean up the day after, taking down the tree, hearing Elvis - Blue Christmas more than 30 times, and sometimes, family
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    We get it, you're depressed.

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    I don't know that I hate the holidays, but I am far less enthusiastic about it than is socially acceptable, so I wouldn't admit it anywhere else. People do need reasons to celebrate and I'm glad it makes people happy, but I feel really detached from it. I did send out a bunch of boxes of presents late because I had been snowed in, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings about it, so I make sure to have some level of participation. For myself the holidays can feel intrusive and arbitrary. I could have done without them this year except I would have missed a week of work, so I'm glad I was able to miss without consequences.
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    I like them. I cannot lie. I am a sucker for them. I like picking out gifts, baking, decorating, watching the cheesy Christmas movies with my sisters.
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