does showing off your scares to prove you can take anything dish it back and survive to wink about it count as vulnerability? while the ones who identify more with 7w8 or 8 descirptions seem to prefer the knight in armor ordeal, the untouchable legion, the 7w6s or 6 description tend to prefer to reverse vulnerability on its head to give themselves more mobility, the shirtless barbarian style, and i've done that plenty. even when the content of the scares is real, that in itself isn't much in the realm of genuine reveal beyond lampshading your own tactics is it?

for more withdrawn types it appears as a distinction made for ego masturbation - so that they can withdrawn from conflict and criticism whispering to themselves that only they and the people in biased positions towards them know who they really are. "what do you mean i murder people? its not my fault that they loose consciousness in my knife dancing! if you really knew that i saved a squirrel when i was in kindergarden you'd never think that, a murderer would never save a squirrel now would they? that's it, you just don't know me!"... yea, that's just using the idea of mask a a false dichotomy from your "real self" to avoid looking at what you are in the concrete outer world. again, not real vulnerability, just more bullshit.

false vulnerability is cheap for everyone.