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    Ridiculous. This would mean that all artistic, creative, imaginative, and/or deep-thinking people are unhappy. I'm sorry, but not all of us can be fulfilled by aiming our full concentration on organizing pencils or chopping wood or whatever these people have in mind. Maybe it's a brainwashing tactic meant to turn us all into unthinking factory workers focusing solely on the tiny tasks at hand.

    "And the blue one goes in here, and the red goes here, and...STOP THINKING ABOUT WHETHER THAT WAS A GOOD BOOK OR WHO YOU'RE GOING TO VOTE FOR...and the yellow-"

    Yeah, thrilling. I'm happier and more satisfied with life already.

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    Everyone thinks.. Its about you thinking about something else than what you should do. If you enjoy making music your mind will not wander, you will focus on the music. And you will be happy. They claim..

    Thats how i read this.
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    Here's a link to the Buddhist concept of Mindfulness. I am not necessarily Buddhist (or maybe I am), but I find the concept useful, and I am happier when I can join the flow of life. Most of my stressors are not part of the now, they are a fear of future. Mindfulness doesn't mean that you can't use your astract brain functions, it just means they influenced by a grounding in the real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fripping View Post
    this just in- "people who do not enjoy what they are doing should be doing a different thing".
    I think this is actually what the study is pointing out. They're unhappy because they aren't doing what they're day dreaming about.

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    Umm... no. When my mind wanders, it takes the stress of reality off. Then, of course, when I have to get back to reality, I deal with the fact that my mind had been wandering for hours and I still need to do my homework (like what I'm doing right now basically)!

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    I've considered this numerous times, and in conclusion, it is often that happiness isn't directly derived from general conscious speculation. Nonetheless, I am generally satisfied. That matters more to me than happiness, like the satisfaction some recieve from the depressing stories of tragedies and such. I am often very satisfied speculating my various concerns of reality-irrelevant contemplations. Introspection kind of grasps your thoughts and emotions though, so physically you will represent as unhappy. I may be emotionally satisfied, but may not seem so.

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    I thought this was a quick interesting read:

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    I have a lot of random thoughts on this. First of all, it's why I believe so much in Se- it's a skill/ art that most people would take a lifetime to master.

    Secondly, I'm not sure if I fully get the methods of how they tested this, but I think it's true no matter which way you slice it. Every psych unit and spiritual theory/ philosophy on happiness talks about being in the present moment, smelling the flowers, etc. Counselors will return you to the present moment- you are not the same as you were yesterday or the same as you will be tomorrow. Being completely today.

    I don't think any of us would be on this forum so much if we were in the present moment. (This applies to other life situations as well, most of our days would be much different if we had to be present all the time.) I mean, everything we talk about here removes us. It brings us to our memories experiences, books that we read, new thoughts that we have, something that will happen later. If we were perfectly present while on this forum, we wouldn't be on the forum. We'd realize that we're typing words on the page in the quiet of our houses and want to fill our lives with more exciting things.

    It's kind of sad to think about all the interactions that we have on a day to day basis if you consider that most people's minds are wandering a lot of the time. When you're someone listening a story or a thought, you're actually stuck somewhere in the back of your mind, you're not really interacting at all, it's like you're talking out loud but you're engaged within your own thoughts. It makes everything seem so lonely and disconnected. Even if it's something as simple as a social butterfly at the party who is texting/ excited for the future guests to arrive instead of caring for the people who are directly in front of their faces. It's an evolutionary strength but it comes with some serious downfalls. At the same time I guess the necessary things that we "need" to do in life would be really really terrible without having the ability to get lost in your own mind. Or, perhaps "necessary" would be redefined. The wandering mind can also be extremely helpful towards happiness if you are really sick or in a lot of pain physically- or any situation where the present proves to be less than desirable. Either way, it's something to consider- just filling your life with things that will make right now the best it can be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FireShield98 View Post
    Umm... no. When my mind wanders, it takes the stress of reality off. Then, of course, when I have to get back to reality, I deal with the fact that my mind had been wandering for hours and I still need to do my homework (like what I'm doing right now basically)!
    If you read the study it makes sense, even for Ni doms.

    Partly, because it's cast in a long-term focus rather than an immediate focus (like an immediate escape from homework).
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    On one hand, I should focus when performing a difficult task; take pleasure in my surroundings; concentrate, and listen to others with more empathy, instead of trying to talk over them. On the other hand, imagination and daydreaming fuels my everyday life, charging the environment, motivating me to look toward a better future, and turn my potential goals into realities.

    At the same time, it's easy to become trapped in negative thoughts and anxiety patterns, worrying about my past failures and isolating myself from everyone and everything. To grow, there needs to be a healthy balance of dreaming that give meaning to the reality I focus on. After all, most of the artwork I do in the immediate, and enjoy from others, comes from insight and imagination, as well as hard work and dedication.

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