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Thread: Why is INTJforum So Boring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by serenesam View Post
    Who doesn't like Monte314 when you see this:

    Chief Scientist; Adjunct Full Professor of Computer Science; six times Who's Who in the World; national, state Advisory Panels; author of two books, many papers; Jedi Math Dog

    INTJ Forum - View Profile: Monte314

    And it is laughable if people think Monte is an INFJ.
    The highlighted is almost an oxymoron.
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    It's better than the INFJ forum. You wanna see a snore fest? Go to any INFJ forum or NF forum for that matter. The INTJ forum won't make you diabetic and I like the sardonic sense of humor. INTPcentral was alright for a while, until inferior Fe caused an implosion. ahaha

    Also, this forum isn't all that diverse. It's overrun by feelers. Not enough "T". I need some salt on my fries. No icing, pls.
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    INTJf is a lot more diverse than I originally thought. There is always a debate or discussion on current events, which is cool. It's also more active and controversial as the mods allow many topics to be discussed and don't intervene as much when things get heated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijynx View Post
    Also, this forum isn't all that diverse. It's overrun by feelers. Not enough "T". I need some salt on my fries. No icing, pls.
    The Personality Cafe Forum is also overrun by Feelers, probably more so than here.
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