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Thread: How extroverted are you? (any type but esspecially for ENTP's)

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    I am actually pretty extroverted, but I guess you could say that I'm an extrovert with issues. I used to test as an INTP, not because I was introverted, but because I was shy and scared of people. I was also fairly depressed at the time. As I've grown more comfortable with myself (and less convinced that people secretly hate me), I've become much more social and talkative. Being in college helps. For the first time in my life, I'm surrounded by guys I don't intimidate, and that's super nice.

    I do like to talk to people I randomly meet in public. It's fun. I do, however, often end up cutting a conversation short when the person I'm talking to starts to seriously hit on me (I'm super oblivious. If I notice you hitting on me, you're pretty blatant). Particularly if I'm getting hit on by a 40 year old. That's twice my age... So, yeah... I'd like to talk to strangers more if they didn't tend to come onto me. (On the other hand, I can intimidate them easily if I want to, and then they usually piss off).

    I dunno. Once I figured out that I could have friends, I became fairly social. At the same time, I still prefer solitude to dealing with idiots and asses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    I'm very extroverted in bursts, and very introverted in bursts.
    I am the same. It depends on what activity I am doing or who I am with when I am outside though. I'm aware that I do it, but I just can't help it xD.

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    i'm a mellow extravert i think.
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    It depends on my mood, but I'd have to say that new circumstances, new people seem to bring out something ESFPish in me. Even when I'm with otherwise (vastly) more extraverted friends I'm the one that ends up welcoming and communicating with new people or strangers, strangers also talk to me easily. I have very little reservations about following my curiosity (I'm actually quite impulsive about it) and I try to make (new) people feel included. I'm more of an icebreaker extraversion person, not a continuous input extraversion person.

    Three consecutive nights at home by myself is too much in normal (no deadlines I'm working hard on etc.) circumstances, especially as I don't really use social media or text/call very often.

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    Not very but I wing it well.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.

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    Socially: Not that outgoing or sociable, less so than a fair number of Introverts I know.

    Extroverted: Yes, Ne is my dom function and I am energised by external things.

    In terms of MBTI the latter is all that matters.

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    i'm pretty middling on the E-I scale too.

    i like to go by cognitive definitions when thinking about E and I - does the person mostly draw their cognitive energy from things outside their mind (E) or from inside their mind (I)? whether or not you strike up conversations or socialize frequently can be muddied by social confidence as well as general interest in people, and really doesn't always have much to do with E and I. Ne doms in particular seem to enjoy external concepts - we're idea people before we're people people. we rejuvenate with new ideas, which is why people can often seem to energize us.

    personally, i'll sustain a conversation with a stranger but i'm unlikely to have started it - though i usually do strike up conversation with new people i will be around for a long time (eg new coworkers).

    i do the same thing with socializing. actually it's really hard for me to imagine a day without contact... usually on any given day i interact with bunches of people - my clients, coworkers, parents, bf, and at least a friend or two. my mom, best friend, and boyfriend are all extraverts, so we all tend to have very high "together" tolerances. i can easily spend several days on end with any of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by celesul View Post
    I used to test as an INTP, not because I was introverted, but because I was shy and scared of people. I was also fairly depressed at the time. As I've grown more comfortable with myself (and less convinced that people secretly hate me), I've become much more social and talkative. Being in college helps.
    ^ i was a lot more quiet before college. a lot more self-conscious, too. i've grown into myself more since then and have become much more open, energetic, and talkative. it feels more natural to me. i still have plenty of long periods of quietness though.

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    I score consistently introverted
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    Type 6 is supposed to be typically ambiverted (according to some descriptions) and that kind of fits me.

    I really am an introvert, I have little doubt about that. But I tend to have reasonably close E/I scores (depends how I feel that day). And for an introvert, I make a good extrovert, it seems. I've known people who were convinced that I was one, because they seem me smiling and asking people questions about themselves and socializing. They don't know as much about me collapsing with a sigh of relief when I get home and happily curling up alone, and needing a good stretch of time before I can go to sleep just so I can get my head re-balanced after all the people contact.

    I am definitely less introverted than some INFJs. Some of it is societal demands, though. I don't know what I'd be like if I had a quieter life. I was more withdrawn when I was younger.
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    I can appear extremely extroverted in bursts: high-energy whenever there is interesting people around -- talk rapidly, really expressive, zero apprehension about approaching strangers. But I'm drawing on a finite reserve doing this, and can then crash and become utterly exhausted. I can't tell these days whether I am a low-energy ENTP, or high energy INTP... Fe seems to be developing before Si, though..

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