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Thread: INTx, how did you act in high school?

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    Default INTx, how did you act in high school?

    Were you social?
    Did you have a lot of friends etc.

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    I am currently in high school.

    Am I social? No.

    Do I have a lot of friends? Eh..I "know" a lot of people but consider only one or two to be my friend. Generally people like me, I think..I am told I am "helpful". I don't actively seek out people to talk with and I'm usually quiet because I'm thinking/reading/etc., but people will attempt to initiate conversation with me sometimes.

    I would like to sit alone at lunch, but whenever I try to there are literally multiple people who come up to me that ask "Are you all right?" or ask if I'm lonely or sad. I believe they have their own selfish motivations for this, because if they did find out something it is likely that they would go tell their little friends because it's just sooo kewl.

    My principal has told me to "smile" or "cheer up" multiple times when I was perfectly fine and having a good day. I have that typical permanent INTx scowl, I believe. My INTJ father does as well and my mother always seems to think we're pissed off when we're not (though she is an INTJ too and she did not inherit the permasowl).

    Other than that, I don't know what to say. I'm not very involved in my school. The only thing I can say is that I'm President of the anime club (oh yes, I am very cool) and I lead it well enough.
    "A spill at the plant increased the phosphates in the lake and produced a scum of algae so thick that the swamp smell filled the air, infiltrating the genteel mansions. Debutantes cried over the misfortune of coming out in a season everyone would remember for its bad smell."

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    I was.

    Compared to other introverts at my school, I had a very large circle of friends. I seem to attract a wide variety of people, from the domineering athletes, to the intimidatingly weird sociopaths. I did have some "position" in my school though, which I think explains why.

    My principal once called me the "ideal student" which I thought was pretty funny since I was an atheist in a Catholic school.

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    I wasn't social. But I did have friends just from sports/activities/random interaction.

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    3-4 good friends in the classroom, 5-6 out the class.
    Only superficial relation with others. I finished high school in mid '90, so no internet, facebook, cellular...
    I was quite social but in the background.
    High school was my best time ever. I hadn't "enemies". Good relation with professors. I was one of the best in the school, without being a nerd or a bootlicker.
    My failure came at university...

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    Only until my senior year did I get especially close to any one of my peers. I had some intimate moments with a couple girls that I didn't actually know but thought I knew.

    All of my friends were "fringe" friends; only one self-typed INTJ did I develop a remotely close bond with but he's beamed up into INTJ star chaser mode. Probably won't see him again because I was far too much of an impulsive flake.

    Hm. I was extremely apathetic during my earlier high school years. Unfortunately I don't know what triggered it. The family is self-assured that it was due to my grandfather passing away, however I felt more for the consequences on my immediate family.

    Maybe it was because I became painfully aware of how inadequate I was, in general; instead of digging my incisors into challenges, I withdrew, virtually gave up, and treated life like it was a gag. Making people laugh and depreciating myself was my means of coping with the lack of closeness I have with people, and it still is.

    Academically, I did poorly during earlier years of HS. I had no idea what was going on; I felt that my will had been stripped of me in that I was forced to attend classes I wasn't really cut out for in the 8th grade. Coupled with typical pimple pocked teenage angst and feelings of rejection, my mind was a vessel of pure emo energy, though I never wanted to be part of that subgroup of people.

    Later, I got my shit together and reincarnated myself in a more mature version of my gradeschool self - just some kid who was remotely interested in sports, learning, etc. To graduate, I was faced with a titanic mountain of work, which I centered my energies on and cut through in a way that would shine if my high schools recorded their history in the form of an epic poem. I would be slicing the nape of every classroom demigod from here to Mount Scholastic.

    Then I met her, where I thoroughly studied my first verse in pain.

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    I didn't have very many friends throughout high school, though I believe I could also attribute that to moving around so many times. Going to four high schools makes it difficult to make and keep friends, especially as an introvert.

    I was more social than usual at my second high school. Maybe it was because I was there for the longest time (two years as opposed to one or part of a semester like the others), and the school was on the smaller side, allowing for a more intimate environment. I was really active in extracurricular activities, and was able to meet a lot of people similar to myself and somehow got along with others that weren't. I was very comfortable there.

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    HS for me was a pretty miserable time for me. However, I was close to my brother (1 grade behind), had two reasonably good friends and even managed to have a serious GF in my Junior year. It was a pretty awkward relationship but I did learn a bit.

    I drank too much and was pretty angry. School bored me – I found I enjoyed learning by reading on my own much more than sitting in class. In my last year I just decided to work hard, get out and have what fun I could. I still drank too much but I suppose I enjoyed it more.

    Getting out of HS was a relief. I had a miserable academic record, one or two decent friends and a lost virginity to show for four years of my life. I went into the army (which is another story) and, because of or in spite of that (you pick ‘em), in the end life turned out pretty well.

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    I was a cold glass of malevolence that people couldn't drink deep enough out of. I didn't have any real free time friends, but I ran with a wolf pack while on school grounds. I hated every second of every day.

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    It took a while for me to make close friends in high school. I wasn't very social at all (never went to parties, rarely went to dances, and I was oblivious to the social lives of most of my peers). Then again, I was very friendly with some of my classmates, and I never felt like a complete loner. I was nerdy, studious, bookish, etc, but I always had people I could talk to if I wanted to socialize.

    In the middle of my junior year, I found a group of friends that I "clicked" with. We had similar interests, and we made each other laugh all the time. All of a sudden, I started spending time with them outside of class, going to movies, hanging out, etc. It was lot's of fun, but I was always primarily focused on academics (which didn't take much effort for me, so I was lucky in that respect).

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