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Thread: How should an ENTP choose a career?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemo View Post
    I have dreams (literally, reoccurring ones while I'm asleep) that I'm some kind of doctor in something like Doctors Without Boarders training local medical students in some remote village in Africa, lol.

    My ex has been involved with Engineers Without Borders in a village in Rwanda, and has been doing it for almost four years now, and he enjoys it thoroughly, it's kinda hardcore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    Yes, I agree with both of these statements, I'd think I'd want to teach younger kids though, because the potential for impact is stronger, *weird* but true, I owe my life to a few awesome teachers I happened to have in both elementary and high school.
    Yes, with younger kids, the minds are more open (not for us to fill with trash, but then again, *resists temptation* )

    Yes to owing great teachers. I have good memories of a few. A lot to thank them for. Sometimes, I think if I could make a real impact like that on just a few, it'd be enough.

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    if you plan on spending a large portion of your life on something (and you will with most careers... literally ~1/4 of your working years) it should be something that has long-term potential to stimulate you with the things that you will end up doing most of the day, most days.

    a lot of people try to approach jobs and careers by making a list of criteria that are examples of things that satisfy them, only to find the careers that seem to match do not comprise of the same underlying stimuli behind their criteria.

    myself for example: i love to take things apart and put them back together, tinker, improve, etc. basically, i love to create and manipulate things with what i have at hand. the type of job i need is one where i can apply my ingenuity to a great extent.

    right now, i work as a network architect... i ended up with this job because the above lead me to become interested in computers, and inevitably i became good enough with them that i was able to tack on a bit of industry focused self-study and get paid for my knowledge.

    my job does not allow me to apply my ingenuity nearly enough and not in the hands-on fashion that i would like. a good portion of what i do is high-tier technology management and representing the technology to the major business units... much different than why i got into computers. this reality is why i am going back to school to study something that will allow me to do what i find stimulating on a day to day basis, not one that is merely on the subject of something that does. just because someone likes racing cars doesnt mean they will be happy writing about them... that same person would probably enjoy flying an airplane, though.

    with that said, some of your reasons are what i consider to be poor examples of why someone should pursue a certain career. lifetime is the real currency here and a career is a big purchase... choose something that you will be satisfied doing, the rest wont seem so unbearable.

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    A dartboard and a page of job listings.
    Why do we always come here?

    I guess we'll never know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celesul View Post
    Thank you! What do you do now? I'm Ne/Ti, but have tested as an I a fair bit, so I seem to be very close to borderline. I lean towards ENTP though it seems. Once I become a bit more sure, I'll change it, which should be fairly soon. ^.^

    I have thought that teaching the same thing over and over again would get positively tedious, as would excessive specialization, but it seems that everything is quite specialized. I like history, science, and math. They are rather hard to combine, which is why I've considered law focusing on science (that, and if I tire of it, it's not as hard to switch as it would be with other areas). Do you have any ideas of how to combine that for an ENTP? It's rare to like all it seems, but not always easy to find a use for it.
    I want to clarify some things about being a professor, because I realized that I didn't give the whole picture. There are basically three parts to the job: teaching, service, and research. (At least these are the three parts in the mathematics field and is probably true of sciences, but I can't say about humanities.)

    Teaching is a big part of the job and ENTP's and INTP's view this part similarly, although if anything ENTP's would enjoy this part of the job more. In general professors don't care for teaching lower level (especially gen. ed.) classes, while they enjoy teaching classes where most of the students are majoring in the field that the professor is teaching. The majority of the classes that you teach will be the gen. ed. variety (especially starting out). And I want to restate that my experience is with math where this sort of dynamic is skewed even further. There are tons of gen. ed. math courses but relatively few math majors. Teaching gen. ed. courses does get fairly repetitive after a few semesters. I can't really speak about upper level courses since I only have an MS, so I never taught them. I can only say that in general as the course material grew more difficult, the quality and interest level of the students improved and made the course more interesting to teach. Also among professors it's generally known that the upper level courses is what they are all aiming to teach, while teaching gen. ed. is viewed as "paying your dues". (The majority of math professors are INTP's from my experience.)

    The second part of the job is service, which is basically serving on a couple different committees (curriculum comittee, technology comittee, faculty/student relations, etc...). The details of this part of the job can vary greatly and most spend less time with this part than teaching and research, so I won't go into it much.

    The third part is research, and (at least for math) I think this is the part that suits INTP's much more than ENTP's. This is because the large majority of math research is done with pure (theoretical) math. The majority of math research is done towards subjects which have no application whatsoever. In my grad school the only significant applied math program was Math Ecology. I did my thesis in this area, because (while I don't find Ecology particularly interesting) it was the most interesting subject I studied in grad school. It had some application unlike the rest. But after my experience in grad school I realized I didn't want a PhD after all, and I basically taught for several years while doing some soul searching to figure out a better career.

    My overall point is not that professor is a bad career for ENTP, but that if you do go that route look into some subjects to see if they have potential ways that you could apply your research. Overall I think an ENTP with talents in math and science would enjoy some type of inventor or R&D role over being a professor, or they might enjoy professor a lot if they could aid in R&D in some way on the side. There were a couple of ENTP math professors where I worked and their projects were always more practical than the rest of the faculty (e.g. developing software or partnering with local schools to develop a coherent link between curricula).

    What do I do right now? Right now I'm an actuarial assistant (working toward being an full actuary). At the moment I don't particularly enjoy it any more than I did teaching since it's a job for introverts. However most jobs are kind of crappy starting out, but I've picked a career that looks like I'd enjoy it more after a few years into it. Even if I don't like a few years down the road though, it pays a lot more. The pay is important because I'm also trying to save a lot of money so that I can easily start my own business or maybe just work for myself if I've decided that I don't care for the job anymore. Overall I think ENTP's are most satisfied either working for themselves or heading their own business, so I'm setting myself up to do that in the long run.
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    I'm currently studying law, and I enjoy it. I've always wanted study these kind of subjects, like Politics, Sociology, Psychology, etc. But not just those subjects. Law touches all of these fields, and a lot, lot more.

    And Law allows you to pick and choose from various spheres of life. Some of the laws are so ambiguous that it's a lot of fun interpreting them in many different ways. And going through old cases that were solved in ingenious ways is very rewarding. Litigation, of course, is ideal for someone who is articulate and enjoys playing with ideas.

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    i'm in one of those situations where there just seems to be too much to do, but too scared to commit to one of them because of a possible regret of not taking another rout.

    philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, theology, biology, photography, music...
    the logy's are endless.

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    I am really to old to think about what exact career I should choose, from now on it is more like: what do I do with my life, next ?

    The career I choose in Engineering is more a way to finance my life. That does not mean that I am unhappy with what am I doing, but I have come to the knwoledge that indipendent from what it is I am doing, I am going to be unhappy with it at a certain time. So there is nothing in this world that ever can bound me myself to one thing 100%, but what can sustain me to be who I am.

    I am intrested in sciences, from psychology to engineering and I started studying engineering, cause this was the tougher one and I could not yield the challenge. I am currently working in projectmanagment and development as an university assistant, because I am still working on my Master. My dream would be to have my own company, but I know that it must be run by profis or I will endager its existence .

    This entp guy here, you all know, is one of my mentors. I quoted the best part of the speech. The whole speech is great but in this clip the first minute can suffice to watch .

    "Remembering that all could be dead soon, is the most important tool I have ever encountered to make the big choices in life. Because almost everything, all external expectations, or pride, or fear of embarassment of failure; these things just fall apart in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die, is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to loose, you are already naked, there is no reason not to follow your heart."

    YouTube - Steve Jobs Stanford Speech P2
    (be careful the tone is very loud)
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    I am currently looking for a job and find it a little difficult to define myself. But, as I did some long thinking on that issue, and have some little experience, I can recommend business analysis, investment banking, e-commerce and photography, and definitely can not reccomend audit and accountancy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argus2968 View Post
    i'm in one of those situations where there just seems to be too much to do, but too scared to commit to one of them because of a possible regret of not taking another rout.

    philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, theology, biology, photography, music...
    the logy's are endless.
    There are many times I have envied ENTPs for all their gifts and talents, but this problem is definitely not one of those things I desire. It must be so frustrating. I struggle with this fear but to a much smaller degree, so I feel your pain.

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