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Thread: Persistant ENTJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by meanlittlechimp View Post
    Be careful. There is this fascinating documentary between a love affair between an ENTJ and ESTP. He blinded and disfigured her by throwing sulfuric acid in her face, when he was scorned. And that was just the beginning!I'd tell ya the rest, but I wouldn't want to spoil, it in case you wanted to see it.

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    Two ENTJs, in a relationship? I can't even imagine that. Who would control the remote?
    : D awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindaxo View Post
    Me and this guy had been living together....
    Um...You're 16? Why are you not living at home with your parents? I thought the natural progression was to first get to know someone/date them, discover their level of weirdness, THEN decide to "live together"... Not the reverse. Whatever the case, all these people are right- you need to get the hell out.

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